Vegan Treats Reviewed

This week my kind pals made me do a happy cry by sending me a package to lift my lowly mood. It was in the form of a jam packed vegan foodie care package from The Goodness Project, and I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to have people in my life that would do such a sweet thing. As all the treats included can be bought individually, and because I’m a workaholic who just can’t simply enjoy things, I thought I’d give you my two cents on their taste, in case your a fellow vegan looking for an energy boost or a much needed moment of indulgence.

This isn’t going to be a post ladened with poetic or decorative language, this is just me getting judgey and frank about one of the simplest joys of my everyday life – snacking.

Naturally Fun, Biona Organic Pomegranate Hearts £1.90 per 75g (from Ocado, Amazon).

I’m a huge sweetie fan, so since going vegan I have felt a bit bereft upon realising that many of my favourite go-too fruity and tangy sweets contain gelatine. Thank goodness for Candy Kittens! Hopefully M & S will remove beeswax soon and make their Veggie Percy Pigs Vegan.

I generally prefer sweets of this nature to be incredibly tangy or fizzy, but for a gummy-style fruit sweet these are pretty great. It packs a punch flavour wise, they’re incredibly fruity and you can’t believe how much taste fills your mouth from such a compact little heart. It doesn’t have the sour tartness I personally like, but it definitely gives you a great fruit hit. We are also used to raspberry and strawberry flavours in our much loved sweets, so the pomegranate offers a new fruit taste to experience.

Loving Earth Banoffie Bang Bang £2.99 – and many other stores likePlanet Organic) 

I’m not a fan of banana sadly, so a Banoffie flavour is not a big pull for me. So I got Si to try this one with me, as someone who always opts for banoffie whenever it’s on the dessert menu. He wasn’t a huge fan unfortunately, and felt it had a bit of a soapy after-taste. Weirdly, I seemed to like it more than him – I think because the fruit flavour was subtle. The wholefood caramel chocolate has a softer consistency than normal milk chocolate – more of a caramac or praline smoothness to it. The softness is given a contrasting texture via the raw cashews and buckwheat, which I think elevates the overall eating experience. The banana flavour is evident but subtle enough that people who aren’t fond of it (like me) can still enjoy it. It can be a bit sickly after gorging on the whole amount, so just a couple of squares should be enough to give you that feeling of comfort and indulgence you desire.

Vego – Whole hazelnut Chocolate Bar (smaller amount £1.99 for 65g) larger 150g anywhere up to £5. 

Last time Si and I were in Richmond Whole Foods we picked this bar up and put it in our basket, before seeing the £4 plus price tag and promptly placing it back on the shelf. There’s something about the packaging and size of the bar that is incredibly appealing, and as former devotees of Nutella the hazelnut element speaks to us on a profound level. However, we can’t spend the price of a meal on a choc bar…as much as we’d like to. I was absolutely thrilled when it arrived as part of my Goodness Project care box, so I could finally see why it is a multi award-winning treat.

This was without a doubt my absolute favourite of all the vegan chocolate offerings I’ve tried thus far. Although I’ve enjoyed many of them, due to the dark nature of the majority, they have failed to hit that specific chocolate craving I get multiple times a day.  This one immediately gave me that comforting feeling that a milk chocolate bar has always given me, and I love how chunky the hazelnuts are –  giving your mouthful a substantial crunch.

If you have been struggling since going vegan, then treat yourself to this, it certainly has helped me during a brief wobble this week.

Vegan, Organic & Fairtrade…. Gluten-free and no palm oil!Vego Chocolate use only high quality ingredients such as fine hazelnut paste, whole hazelnuts & cocoa cream that are blended togther in a unique process.

Sugar, Cacao and Vanilla traded in compliance with Fairtrade standards. Gluten-free, Suitable for vegans.

Doisy and Dam 80g £2.50 (Ocado)

The company was set up by two best friends  who have been chocoholics since forever, and always wanted to start a business together.They believe in a balanced lifestyle and treats are a vital element of that. They make sure every bar of D&D has a superfood, a unique taste and an irresistible texture. The bars never have more than eight ingredients, minimum 8% superfoods and have a high cocoa content. Handmade in the UK it’s a very dark and strong hit of chocolate. The texture is lovely because it’s so crisp that it has a real bite to it. The goji and orange element is detectable, but not at all overpowering. Not only is this product Vegan, it’s gluten free and soya free.

Booja Booja – Almond Salted Caramel £1.29 (from Healthy Supplies)

Whenever I’ve wanted to get my vegan pals a treat for a birthday or Christmas (or just because) this brand has always been my go-t0. The packaging just looks a bit more luxe and special, and the flavours they offer mirror that high-end feel. I’m a huge fan of salted caramel, so I predicted I’d love this duo of gourmet truffles. They are wonderfully soft and gooey (that praline texture) and incorporate finely roasted Italian almonds. It’s no surprise they’re award winning, it’s a very decadent few seconds devouring these two truffles. If you’re looking for rich indulgence, look no further. P.S That salty element is as prominent as you’d hope.  Dairy & soya-free. Gluten-free.Vegan.Organic.

Rhythm 108  Super Coconut £1.40 SPECIAL OFFER (From Planet Organic)

I love coconut. I was one of the kids that was always team Bounty, and I still stand by that wholeheartedly. I know it’s a polarising ingredient, and you’ll know which side of the argument you reside, but I personally very much enjoyed this darkly rich coconut bar. Okay, I can see why someone might find it a bit soapy, but I can detect enough of the sweetness and nuttiness to revel in it’s extreme coconut-iness. It’s quite rich, so I think you can do this bar in two sitting, which makes it great value for money.

It’s gluten free, vegan and organic chocolate bar, made with the finest Swiss chocolate and wholesome ingredients. 45% less sugar than comparable bars. High in Fibre – if you suffer from IBS and loose bowels is your biggest problem, the high fibre element is an added binding bonus.

Ingredients – Organic coconut flakes (30%), organic raw cane sugar, organic cacao butter, organic cacao mass, organic gluten free oat flour (10%), organic agave fibre, organic sunflower lecithin

Allergens – Contains Coconut & Oat. May contain traces of milk, almonds, hazelnuts.

Keep it Raw Ombar Buttons £1.49

Who doesn’t love a chocolate buttons. We love the texture, we love the hit of chocolate they deliver, and well, they’re cute aren’t they? So thank goodness we have a vegan friendly option to make the loss of our fave Dairy Milk or Milky Bar ones more bearable.

These creamy organic chocolate buttons are dairy and refined-sugar free. They’re made to the same recipe as the brand’s super-popular Coco Mylk bar and even contain live cultures to help keep your tummy happy and balanced.

They don’t quite taste like normal chocolate, that coconut taste is fairly prominent and gives them a specific tang, but the consistency and smoothness is there. I don’t personally look at calorie content with my snacks but a 25g per bag is only 149 calories which may be an appealing bit of info!.

Another notable plus point of this brand is that Ombar vegan chocolate buttons come in fully compostable packaging, so you can throw them in with your food waste and they’ll completely degrade down to nowt.


Conscious Organic raw Chocolate with macca and essential oil of rose.

I have to be honest that I’m not a big fan of foods with floral notes, so this rose infused chocolate isn’t really vibe. However. if I was a fan of these sorts of flavours I can imagine I would be very impressed by this bar – it very much reminds me of Turkish Delight flavours that I can smell when my mum devours the sugary cubes over the festive period. It’s softer than a usual bar of chocolate a bit like the Banoffie bar I spoke of earlier, it’s the sort of texture when you can see tooth marks impressed in.

It’s made with organic maca and theraputic grade essential oil of rose. Cacao solids 65%. It’s raw, hand-made chocolate is certified as organic, vegetarian and vegan – and it is free from gluten, dairy and soya – with a low gi and gl and only sweetened with agave nectar.

Creative Nature Superfoods – Raw Cacao – Raw Super Food Flapjack – £19.80 for a pack of 20.

This is not a bar I would turn to if I was looking to fix a chocolate craving, nor is it one you’d go to for a really indulgent or comforting treat. The overriding flavour is like compacted raisons, I’m guessing thats the cranberries, dates and goji berries combined. It’s Vegan, gluten free, dairy, wheat, peanut and soya free and one of your five a day, so it’s got a lot of plus points. It’s a pleasant eat, but not one that fills you that kind of joy slightly naughty things do –  but a great way to curb your hunger in-between meals.

“There are a lot of ‘raw chocolate’ bars on the market that are date heavy, contain syrups/agave or don’t taste very nice! This is why I’ve created a truly healthy, nutrient-rich bar that’s got a high percentage of superfood ingredients and has award-winning taste.”Julianne, founder x


Raw Cacao Energy Flapjack Bar x 20


Beyond Dark- Moments of Pleasure – 14 x 35g packets £14.00

I’m one of those people that have tried to fall in love with dark chocolate, and while I can acknowledge it’s own merits and love it in it’s own way, it doesn’t hit the same craving milk chocolate does. However, this is the closest I’ve gotten to feeling like dark chocolate has managed to itch that perrenial scratch.  Beyond Dark is so rich and smooth that my tastebuds definitely feel they’ve been given a massive treat. For me, chocolate is one of those things I usually think the ‘bigger the better’, so when I saw the size of the droplets I thought it would take a large handful to have any impact on my craving. How wrong was I! They melt beautifully on the  tongue and give you such an incredibly strong punch of flavour you feel that distinct positive rush that chocolate delivers in an instant. I’ve had whole bars that haven’t impacted as much – I don’t know how they do it…but they’re definitely beyond….

Beyond Dark is currently available in Original, Hints of Orange and Hints of Raspberry – all equally rich in antioxidants.

Cocoa solids 70% Minimum (Cocoa Mass 63.67%, Cocoa Butter 8.95%) Sugar,Vanilla,Emulsifier
Soya Lecithin.

Wheat, gluten, nut and dairy free. Contains Soya. Suitable for vegetarians.Kosher Ceritified by The Ortodox Union.Halal.Vegetarian. Vegan

Munchy Seeds Chilli Bites – 25g Snack Pack 80p

As you guys know I’ve been on various restrictive diets over the years to try and work out what I’m allergic to, and in an attempt to reduce the amount of IBS attacks I have. During one of these awkward advised diets I found myself having to feast on a lot of seeds, particularly pumpkin, and I can’t say I found it an incredibly joyous experience. Now that I’m allowed to have chilli (when I’m not on my allergy detox) I realise that seeds can be an enjoyable and healthy way to snack in between meals. These Chilli spiced toasted sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and sweet apricot kernels are deliciously crunchy, with a noticeable but manageable level of kick. You can consume like a bar snack, as a quick afternoon healthy snack, or my favourite way….Sprinkle on a pasta bake,  on top of a salad, or in a wrap. It’s a great way to add some texture and heat to a meal, without any faff whatsoever.

Montezuma’s Dark Chocolate 

This bar has the rigidy of a normal bar of chocolate, a nice cracking noise as you break off a segment. This is an incredibly bitter dark chocolate, so not the perfect choice for those craving the creamy and sweet delights of milk chocolate. It’s feel extremely rich and a little goes a long way.

73% Cocoa. Free from colours and preservatives.Full of antioxidants. Made in West Sussex. Gluten Free.Vegan.

Organica Creamy Marzipan Dream 

Honestly, I can’t stand marzipan. If I see it’s yellow layer appear underneath an icing, that cake is null and void to me. In the pursuit of becoming a good and dedicated blogger, I took the risk and unwrapped this bar and took a bite. The almond marzipan is encased in a decadent dark chocolate, and I have to admit even this marzipan hater found the overall taste completely palatable, nice even. It’s fairly subtle a taste, and the overall texture is similar to that of a bounty bar. It’s also Organic and suitable for those following a Vegan diet.

Marizpan 20% (almonds, raw cane sugar, invert sugar, water, ethanol), dark chocolate 20% (cocoas mass, raw cane sugar cocoa butter, vanilla), corn powder, tapioca flour, palm oil.

The chocolate is made in a factory that handles nuts, dairy and soya products

Not suitable for those with allergies to nuts, peanuts, dairy and soya.

Ichoc Feel Free – Classic – Vegan £1.99

It’s creamy in the same way milk chocolate is, but has that specific taste which keeps appearing during vegan snack testing which lets you know it is definitely a vegan chocolate. It’s a decent alternative for sure, but still not quite hitting the spot in the same way. It’s breaks well and like ‘normal’ chocolate and has a great smooth texture that melts nicely in the mouth.

Ingredients: Raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, rice drink powder 14%, cocoa mass, tiger nuts (ground), hazelnut paste, bourbon vanilla extract, sea salt. Cocoa solids: 37%. Allergens: Not used as ingredients but traces may be present: milk and gluten.

Clif Bar – White Chocolate macadamia Nut

With a mix of carbohydrates, protein and fibre, CLIF Bars supply working muscles with the energy they need for extended periods of activity and exercise. CLIF Bars are a source of energy for athletes and busy people on the go – which is most of us these days!  CLIF Bars contain  whole ingredients such as rolled oats, fruits and nuts. Each bar contains B6 and B12 which contribute to the normal release of energy for use in the body – (vegans often lack B12 so this is great!). The bars are also a source of protein and fibre. For best results, CLIF Bars should be eaten about 1-3 hours before exercise along with water to prevent hunger and supply energy to muscles that are about to work hard. During prolonged, lower intensity exercise such as hiking or bike touring, CLIF Bars can be eaten during activity to help satiate hunger and meet carbohydrate demands. CLIF Bars can also be eaten as a snack between meals or during a long, busy day to help sustain energy.

Organic ingredients.

Pulsin Raw Chocolate Brownie

The Maca Bliss Raw Choc brownies contain Maca, a Peruvian root herb that has been used for centuries to relieve stress – something I think I could use in bucketloads right now. Pulsin blend this with premium South American cacao, which is rich in essential minerals. The fibre rich cashews add crunch and texture. Their raw choc brownie range are made with premium, natural ingredients selected for maximum nutritional benefit and great taste. They are cold pressed to provide optimum nutritional value. I don’t really get the comforting satisfaction I get from a normal brownie when I eat this, you can definitely detect that it’s a healthy version, but as long as you manage your expectations you can still enjoy eating it.

INGREDIENTS – Cashews, Dates,Chicory Fibre, Brown Rice Malt, Cacao (10%), Brown Rice Bran, Cacao Butter (6%), Maca (4%), Concentrated Grape Juice,Rice Starch, Sea Salt ,Green Tea Extract
May contain other nuts & peanuts. May contain traces of date pits.

Trek Cocoa Chaos: Wholefood Energy Bar

As these sporty bars go, this one is a particularly scummy one. It’s vegan, AND one of your five a days. I absolutely love the texture of this one, it has that fruit based flapjack taste and consistently, but the injections of crispiness and crunch make this one more interesting than many similar energy bar options.

Quibbles Sour Cream and Onion Cashews (Baked not Fried)

Not everyone has a sweet tooth, many reaching for the crisps instead of the choc biscuits. I always adore the texture of cashews, the combination of crunchy and creamy is irresistible to me. The Sour cream and onion cashew flavour is strong, which is great for me as it’s a combination I love, but be warned that anyone you meet post scoffing will be able to smell it on you. Totally worth it I reckon. I’m definitely going to be adding these to the next weekly shopping list.

Suitable for vegans, vegetarians. They’re Gluten Free, Kosher and contain all natural ingredients.

The Raw Chocolate Company – Raw Vanoffe Mulberries 

If you’re big fan of the legendary chocolate covered raison, then this is the treat for you. They have a pleasingly chewy texture in the same way a dried raison does, and I can guarantee some familiarity in that they WILL get stuck in your teeth.  The organic white mulberries come from Turkey where they have been considered a luxurious treat for centuries. They have a sort of fruity toffee flavour that marries perfectly with the Vanoffee bar coating. You are left with a slight nutty taste on the tongue.

Ingredients: mulberries 40%, cocoa butter, lucuma, coconut blossom sugar, cocoa powder, vanilla.

Cocoa and vanilla: traded in compliance with Fairtrade Standards, total 26%. May also contain nuts. May cause outbreaks of sharing.

This is a natural product. The berries are carefully screened, sieved and checked, however the occasional small stone may remain.

Tribe Inifinity Choc Salt Caramel – around 70p

I was excited when I saw the choc-salt description, but unfortunately I couldn’t really detect the salt element, it taste more like an an average flapjack with a hint of chocolate. Appearance wise it has a slight look of a shiny glaze on top. Overall the texture is relatively grainy once you get through the syrupy top layer, and it will gather in molers.

The Infinity Bar’s were created in consultation with 16,000km ultra-runners, trans-continental cyclists & polar explorers to provide the worlds best energy nutrition, so if you’re a fitness fiend this may be one for you to check out.

Ingredients: TRIBE Energy Grain Blend (gluten free oats, buckwheat, teff), brown rice syrup, sunflower seeds, cashews, coconut sugar, cocoa nibs, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, sunflower oil, sea salt.

ErdBeer Waffel Crunch– 89p

Vivani’s range of organic chocolates is produced at the family business of Ludwig Weinrich and marketed by their subsidiary EcoFinia GmbH. Weinrich has more than a century of experience in producing the finest chocolate creations. They use only the finest organically grown ingredients. Vivani Erdbeer Waffel Crunch Weisse Rice Choc. Organic white chocolate made with rice drink in place of milk with strawberries and wafer pieces, great for a lunchbox.

It has that taste of yoghurty snacks and treats. I personally found it a bit too sickly sweet, but a sqaure of it would provide a quick pulse of sugar if you need a boost. I think a whole bar would be too much for me.

Ingredients :cocoa butter*, raw cane sugar*, rice drink powder* 17,5 %, tiger nuts (ground), strawberry powder 3 %, pieces of wafer* 2,5 % (wheat flour*, emulsifier: soy lecithin*, sunflower oil*, sea salt), natural flavour* (strawberry taste), sea salt, bourbon vanilla pod* (ground). * from organic agriculture
Get Fruity – Scrumptious Strawberry

35gm Bar Ingredients: Fruit and Fruit Juices from Concentrate (45%), (Raisins (raisins, vegetable oil), Strawberries (strawberries, apple juice concentrate) (9%), Red Grape Juice Concentrate, White Grape Juice Concentrate, Strawberry Granules (2%)), Gluten free OATS (42%), Virgin Coconut Oil, Rice Starch, Colour: Beetroot Red, Natural Flavourings: Strawberry (0.004%).

Allergy Advice: for allergens see ingredients in BOLD CAPITALS. May contain traces of nuts, sesame or peanuts.

Our product contains fruit which may contain pips, stalks and may cause staining.

Hope that’s given you some snack ideas and create some Monday afternoon salivation. Before I go let me an fyi – if you find a product you love. I advise you to buy in bulk, most of these products you can buy in large quantities and will save you a worthwhile amount of dosh.

Please leave any of your personal treat or snack recommendations below! 

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