I’ve not really given much thought to soap in the past. My house has always been one filled with simple basics, those classic and recognisable brands that you first saw on visits to the grand-parents (the likes of Imperial Leather and Palm Olive) or the supermarket own-brand examples that simply tick the ‘affordable’ box. My parents aren’t for what they call ‘needless spending’ and luxury isn’t really in their vocabulary when it comes to doing a weekly shop. This isn’t me throwing shade (not that they’d know what that even means if they happen to read this), and it isn’t me calling them cheap-skatese either, not at all. They just prioritise different things, and they’ve just never wanted to spend their money on beauty, grooming, or cleaning. For them if it ‘does the job’ then that’s good enough for them. To each their own.

Although I like to think I’m the hipper, more progressive member of the family (don’t laugh), I have taken on their frugal tendencies, and I have to admit that soap wouldn’t have been one of the purchases I’d of made should I have had some money burning a hole in my pocket. That said, my interest in it has increased a noticeable amount in the last couple of years.

I was at my friend Ben Joliffe’s house a couple of summers back and went to the loo (as I do, a millions times a day) in his lovely and spacious downstairs bathroom. It’s one of those spaces I would probably pin on pinterest, and is definite inspo for when I’m in the position to decoarte my own house. I realised then that when you have a bathroom that looks that good, you not only don’t want to ruin it with a bar if soap that will leave marks around the sink, and that you’ll stick with until it’s the size of a strong mint, you want products that will enhance it’s overall aethetic. He had a bottle of liquid soap on the sink, from a brand I had only been aware of having passed it’s swanky dedicated shop in Soho. It looked intentional, like an assessory rather than something with a function or purpose as it’s primary reason for being there. But I heard it wasn’t style over substance, so of course I had to try some to confirm that. They were right. The smell was incredible too, it felt so nice to rub in your hands AND you were left  feeling super clean. From then on I knew I was on my way to being converted to the ways of the cool and stylish liquid soaps.

Till then my experiences of liquid soap had been those ones that squeeze out pink dollops when your using a station toilet that has cost you 30p, this was something else, a multi-sensory process I actually relished and without the in-built resentment.

Time for another confession, one which may make some of you pull a grossed-out kinda face. I’m not someone that’s very thorough when it comes to washing my hands. It’s not just because I’m disgusting and don’t care about hygine, but because I’m someone with IBS and bladder issues which means I have to do it an awful lot, and it’s become a chore as a result. To me it’s such a relentless bore of a task in the same way I find attempting to drink the recommended water intake a day.

I’m not saying I skip the activity altogether, before you all decide to unfollow or never risk touching my hands again. I’m just not one of those people that always goes for the soap, or makes sure I’m getting into all the webbing of my figures, or scrubbing for 30 seconds every time. My approach is sometimes more of a quick splash and a dry, which I know is bad, but I’m not going to stop being honest to you know – we’ve travelled too far down the oversharing route of blogging together already. Of course if I’m cooking I will be that conscientious type of hand washer, just so you don’t live in fear upon a dinner party invite.

But since getting my own cool liquid soak delivered – last week I got sent a Natural Liquid Soak from a company called Yope – I’ve found myself much more inclined to try and enjoy the activity. It contains 92% natural and low processed ingredients, and it doesn’t contain paragons, SLS, allergens, peg, SLES, or silicon. Thanks to the experience of the brands cosmetologists and dermatologists they’ve been able to develop soaps which have a short list of ingredients, containing only what is necessary for cosmetics to be good of a quality, and for it to be safe for our health.

I’ve personally found this product great for my sensitive skin, and not at all drying. This Fig scent is described as Fruit, Mediterranean, sweet and fresh on the website – for me it’s perfectly subtle. There’s a lovely hint of all that was listed, with a nice warming fragrance, but it’s not at all overwhelming which is great. The soap contains natural fig extract which helps skin cells fight free radicals. According to an article on Stylecraze Figs have have many skin benefits that I was never aware of before investigating.

‘A study found that fig extract had an antioxidative and anti0collagenase effect on wrinkled skin and reduced the percentage of wrinkle depthIn another study, it was found that a formulation containing fig fruit extract decreased skin melanin, trans-epidermal water loss, and skin sebum significantly. It also increased skin hydration. Hence, figs could be used as a remedy for hyper pigmentation, acne, freckles, and wrinkles .Figs contain a high amount of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that helps to lighten and even out the skin tone.’

Vitamins B & C contained moisturise and regenerate skin, and high vegetable glycerine content keeps the skin smooth and moisturised. The soap also contains vitamin B5 which is a natural hydrator known as a humectant, which stabilises your skin’s barrier function. The stabilisation results in an increase in the amount of water your skin holds on to. Because vitamin B5’s panthenol is known to soothe and soften skin too, many brand’s use it in their anti-aging products.Vitamin B5 is a bit of a wonder ingredient actually, and is known to help with some chronic skin disorders. Medicines containing the vitamin are prescribed to treat everything from minor skin irritation to major scar damage. Natural skin care products like this containing are also known to have anti-inflammatory benefits for discomfort related to skin conditions such as eczema. Pretty impressive capabilities hey?!

So I am now spending a bit more time giving my hands a thorough wash, MULTIPLE times a day. I’m genuinely enjoying how clean my hands feel and how looked after my skin feels. I also like giving them a sniff when no one is looking. Yes, really.

But if you’re still not convinced about needing cool soap to make your bathroom or kitchen look super funky and trendy, or if you’re still not bothered about keeping your hands hygienic and pampered, then Yope do have some other brilliant products on offer.

I’m pretty much there in terms of Vegan eating now (I think). However it’s taking a fair amount of time to ensure every aspect of my life is as kind, so I’m always ecstatic when I discover new every-day items that can help me get closer to where I’d like to be. I have one multi-purpose cleaning product that’s certified vegan that I now use for dusting, that I discovered via a sponsored collaboration, but I’m so chuffed to discover that Yope do floor cleaners, washing up liquids and cleaners, alongside their selection of hand creams, lotions, shower gels and soaps. I’m slowly but surely getting there!

So if I ever invite you round to my carefully styled future pad, expect to get figgy with it when you take a trip to my super slick bathroom.

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