On the weekend Si and I had a very rare day off together. Since we started our Vegan street food business (Nomads) – I say we, it’s actually just Si’s, but it’s been so consuming, and required all my social media time, it felt like mine too – every weekend and all the days in-between have been dedicated to prepping or serving the gourmet vegan subs. All we talk about is bread rolls, jackfruit or Seitan, from the moment we wake up to the second we comatose at night wreaking of onions and herbs. Until you start a business like this you really have no idea overwhelming it is, and also just how physical it is to stand on your feet and serve a busy stall all day, to then pack it all up at the end. Only to do the same again the next day. It feels pretty relentless. The day after your last market of the weekend being the time you have to start putting in ingredient and van orders and cooking the seitan for the next weekend.

I’m up bright and early this Friday morning because we had a delivery of over 200 bread rolls to the house at 7am. This weekend Si is serving up at Broadway Vegan market and The Good Food Market, but I’ve opted out of being part of the team this time. Last weekend we were serving up at Walton on Thames first Vegan market, and sold out 2 hours before the end – it was crazy busy and my foggy brain and tired legs made it incredibly hard to cope with. I had only agreed to be there to take care of the social media and to create Instagram videos I had no idea I’d be dealing with a relentless queue and having to juggle multiple orders and do maths… Yes, I know, MATHS!!!! The horror. We got through it, but I felt like I’d be battling a war….albeit a lovely ethical and kind one, haha.

Anyway back to the fact we had this treat of a spare day. As we have been so preoccupied by the business of late we haven’t been able to see Si’s mum as much as we used to try to do, and we feel awful about that. She lives on her own, so we like to take her out to lunch or dinner when we can, when she isn’t working hard at the pub she waitresses at. She was due to see her friend during the day so we decided to to head to her neck of the woods for the evening. She’s not far from Windsor so we thought we’d enjoy a walk and finally try the vegan menu at Zizzi’s before heading to the house.

This isn’t a food review post, but just in case you’re thinking of giving it a go too I’ll give a brief overview. I was thoroughly impressed with the size of the menu Zizzi have for vegans and veggies. We are seeing a lot of high street chains add vegan options, but it’s great to see popular restaurants like Zizzi (and Wagamamas’s) curating a whole menu’s worth of choice. First thing we both noticed, and something we keep experiencing in establishments that offer a vegan menu, is that they don’t make it clear to you when you come in. If we didn’t know they had one we certainly wouldn’t have found out via our waiter. We had to actively ask for it. I believe it should be handed to us alongside the ‘normal’ menu, or we should at least be should be asked whether we’d like to see the vegan menu. I guess this may just be a habit thing, but I think the managers need to ensure their staff our making people aware of this great and inclusive aspect of their restaurant.

I ordered the vegan garlic break (with roasted garlic cloves, smoked garlic oil and rosemary) to start, which was lovely. It’s a bit dryer than normal garlic bread so I’d recommend drizzling on some chilli oil on the top too. The overall taste and texture was delicious though. I’d definitely order it again and loved the Rosemary aroma.

I went for Vegan Rustica Margherita (Tomato, vegan mozzarella alternative (made with coconut oil) and basil). This is an award winner too, receiving an accolade from the Peta Vegan Food Awards. It was very tasty and I genuinely didn’t miss the ‘normal’ margarita taste. I also loved the stretched out, thinner and crispier ‘Rustica’ base. The cheese has an appearance almost like a glue – sort of transluscent white. For me it’s quite similar in taste to a béchamel sauce. I would say that the pizza was a bit bland in flavour though, so I would thoroughly recommend adding some toppings (they have a great array to choose from) and a good few turns of the pepper grinder.

Our service wasn’t great sadly (to be fair it was very busy though), but we’d still go back for the food. The most exciting thing though is that this feels like the start of big things. I really don’t think it will be long till most of the most well known eating places on the high street will be offering vegan menus. I actually think it will end up being integral to their survival, with the percentage of vegans rising significantly every year.

Jeez, I’m loving tangents today, I blame to hot weather. This was meant to be a concise little outfit post. On well….

As I said before, we were having a day off. so this was a genuine outfit I was wearing that Sunday, and I actually had no intention of snapping it, which is why the photos aren’t as cool as the one’s I’ll post from the likes of Kaye, Ami or Frase. In those I’ve actually thought about the outfit and the location I’ve shot in. This was one of those occasions where we stumbled across a cool looking backdrop and thought…’oh, why not, while we’re here!’ I hadn’t showered, so my hair was a bit flat so I had to do some root manipulation to give the temporary illusion of volume while Si snapped away.

I got this cheeky top in the House of Holland sale. This is the only catwalk brand I (can) purchase from and I only do so when they put on a sale – there is always great fun bargains to be had from their site. As soon as I saw this tee with it’s £16 price tag I knew it was a done deal, justifying that it was no dearer that a tee from the likes of Topshop. What I admire about House of Holland and (it’s designer Henry Holland) is that they don’t have a problem with associating themselves with affordable brands and stores, and making their ideas accessible to the masses – often collaborating, their most recent with Primark. It doesn’t seem to effect their cool factor either, their shows being a consistent hot ticket come LFW.

Nude and Lewd emblazoned on a tee, I love the oxymoron nature of the design. I was a bit worried stepping downstairs in a tee with such an out-there slogan. Living with my parents I still get the judgemental looks and unrequested brutal critiques from my mum regarding my fashion choices. Luckily I think the stylised font meant that my mums ageing eyes didn’t digest what me tee said, either that or she’s at the point where she’s sick of the sight of me and isn’t even taking in my presence anymore.

I teamed with my Nasty Gal tartan trousers to create a bit of a rebellious punk look, completed by my vegan Dr. Martens.

After leaving the house unscathed by my live-in fashion police, I wondered how my look would go down in Windsor. It’s a destination filled with tradition, classics, the middle class and the privileged. The majority of the the local people are in smart casual safety, and the abundance of tourists are in waterproof jackets, and other practical holiday garb. Of course I am hugely generalising, but on this Sunday there was definitely a lack of statement or alt dressing amongst the crowds. I couldn’t help but wonder what Queenie would this if she peaked my ensemble from her castle. You always hear that she’s got a great sense of humour and is actually a right hoot. I’d like to imagine she might pop on her DM’s when taking a mooch in her grounds, maybe she’s even partial to the Sex Pistols? I’m kidding of course….this wouldn’t count as treason would it?

Right, I’m going to head into the garden and soak up some more Vitamin D before the sun inevitably tucks itself away again. While I of course want you to read the blogs I posting and watch the videos I’m uploading, please try get out and about if you can. It’s done me wonders this week – so if anything can wait, please prioritise feeling that warmth on that skin (safely of course).

Outfit Details

Nasty Gal Trousers

House of Holland Tee

New Look Denim Jacket

Primark Hoodie

Missoma Necklace

Dr Martens Vegan Cambridge Brush Boots

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