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In the last few years I’ve gone from thinking of The Body Shop purely for items like face and body creams, lip balms, and bath products, to a brand that can deliver make-up that not only has a conscience, but deliver’s what it promises, while being pleasurable to apply. Their Matte Kajal is one of my all time hero products after discovering it at a Blogger Discovery Day at their HQ.  As are many of their skin products I was inspired to try after all that I learned on that day, and from listening to  positive feedback from other bloggers I follow. However, I was yet to  try any of their recent lip products. The Body Shop kindly rectified that recently by sending some samples of their Lip Definers and Matte Lipsticks to try.

The first lip definer I tried was Golden Syrup. To me I think warm, almost amber tones when I think of my favourite sugary thing to drizzle, but this is very much a pale peachy pinky shade. It’s lighter than my natural lip colour and if used for complete coverage can deliver that 60’s style lip – the iconic Twiggy look which was often teamed with doll-like heavily lashed and lined eyes. If used as an allover lip cover and not given the appropriate accompaniment on the rest of your face, you do run the risk of a less fetching slightly tacky 80’s look. I trust that you guys reading know what you’re doing and are going to be able to embrace the positive visual opportunities this shade offers.

My lips aren’t currently the easiest terrain for a pencil to glide over, they’re rough, with textures ranging from flakey to crusty. But the consistency of this allows for the product to be applied with surprisingly small amounts of resistance. It’s not the softest of pencils I’ve reviewed, but for me that’s a good thing. Although some softer one’s feel lovely and comforting to apply, they’re so soft they need sharpening so often it becomes a bit of a chore, and we all know how often these pencils get ruined by a session with a temperamental sharpener. I had to say RIP to a so many pencil because of this.

If the softness of the pencil is more rigid than the super mushy ones it mean’s it’s a lot easier to define your lips accurately (the nib stays sharper) and it’s a lot less likely to bleed or spread with wear.

The lip liner actually serves as a nice base for the first lipstick I tried. As you can see the lid shows a warm brown shade but the actual product has far more pink in it, so it’s Sienna Rose name is fitting.

It feels similar in consistency to Mac Matte lipstick, but has actually proven to be less drying (and of course this is cruelty free, unlike Mac).

With the lighter lip definer underneath you get a lighter more peachy overall tone but worn on it’s own you get a really lovely, what I call, ‘everyday’ shade. It’s only slightly more enhanced than my natural lip colour but creates a bit more impact and an even colour. This has since become my current go-to for a neautral day shade that goes with every outfit.

I would say that with one swipe some of your lip can be seen through the product, so do 2/3 rounds of cover to reach optimum colour pay off. I should mention that some matt lipsticks I’ve tried have had a very noticeable and slightly unpleasant smell, almost like play-dough, but this has no unpleasant aromas, if any at all.

Next up I tried the Coral Blush Lip Definer, which is a cheery orange hue. Again it’s a good balance of being sturdy enough to apply accurately while not being too un-malleable that it feels stubborn to guide round the outline of your lip. This would work sufficiently as a good base for many red lipsticks, and ensure your lip stains last as long as possible.


Coral Blush as a liner

Coral Blush used all over the lip

The texture of the Pink Clover lip definer was slightly different, I don’t know why. I often find shades slightly vary in terms of how they apply, last or feel, I guess different ingredients may be used to deliver the desired colour. This is more 90’s type of brown. There’s a hint of pink in there but the overall shade is a very wearable brown but more dramatic than some other brown hues offered.

As you can see from the image below the pencil alone gave a very smooth finish. It didn’t seem to show the cracks and texture of the lips like lip liners sometimes can when you use them on their own to cover the whole surface with colour. It looked as if I’d already used a nourishing lipstick. This is going to get a LOT of use, for the finish as well as the colour.

This is a GREAT red lippy and is what I turn to when I want to make my lip the focus. I don’t often find an occasion to wear a bold red lip, but when I do this is how I choose to do it. I have a new polka dot dress from Oasis that I’m in utterly in love with, which is making me want to do a impactful and luscious red lip more than I have in the past. I think I’m attempting to channel Gwen Stefani or something. It’s good to dream eh?

These True Matte Lipsticks (there are 7 shades altogether) are made with high-purity pigments, so the colours are incredibly intense from the off. One coat and that ‘pow’ factor is already present.

Like the others reviewed in this post, it is extremely nourishing and doesn’t leave you with as much of  that arid and parched feeling that many other matte lipsticks do. This probably has a lot to do with the beeswax contained, which unfortunately makes it vegetarian rather than vegan. It’s also enriched with Community Trade Brazil Nut which probably contributes to making your lips feel looked after and smooth.

I can’t wait for summer (and my tan) to arrive because this Havana Red shade will look great teamed with bronzen skin. The slightly orange undertone will work wonderfully with a glowing summer complexion. Also wear this shade with a pale blue outfit, I guarantee the combination will be stunning. At £8 I think these lipsticks are great value and I can’t wait to gather the whole collection.

This is NOT a sponsored post but thank you to The Body Shop for sending the products for review. 

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