The Brand for sweet tooths – Patisserie De Bain Reviewed

This is my first foray into the delicious and sugary world of Patisserie De Bain. I’m known amongst my loved ones for my unrelenting sweet tooth, and my inability to turn down anything that falls in to the category of ‘naughty’ when it comes to snacks and puddings, so it’s a mystery as to why it’s taken my so long to get involved. I’ve always thought ‘naughty’ was a silly way to describe these scrumptious things that bring joy to our stressful lives though. Moderation is all we need to take note of….she says as she scoffs down her second strawberry cupcake in a half hour (the props used in these blog photos).

When I opened the bag of goodies kindly gifted for review purposes, this Bath and Shower Creme was the product that got my (possibly) blocked arteries pulsating. I’m not a big fruit person (I’ll admit to needing to work on my diet), and I actually get quite angry when people trying to ruin the glory of a chocolate brownie by teaming it with a fruit coulee, but when it comes to Strawberries I’m open and supportive of any confectionary combo. While it’s always been a challenge for me to consume the recommended 5 a day, the humble strawberry has also been a welcome part of my attempts to feature something healthy in my day to day routine. Like I mentioned earlier, I sometimes feel personally victimised when someone adds a fruit to a pastry, ice cream dessert, cake or brownie, but when it comes to strawberries I’m like ‘come and join the sugary party.’

Before anyone says it I know we don’t eat these products, but so scrumptious and authentic is the smell, you do find yourself craving the real deal – hence why I found it very necessary to buy cupcakes for the photos (any excuse).

For £3.99 I think this is awesome value for it’s 200ml quantity, and it will see you through numerous scummy shower experiences. Yesterday I actually rubbed it over my legs and used as a shaving cream with great success. I was doing one of those panic’d leg-shaving sessions, when I realised I was having a massage in the afternoon. My legs have been languishing in a fur like status having been given some time off from exposure due to our delayed summer, and I thought now was a good reason to give them some attention (with the bonus of breathing in that lovely sweety and fruit aroma while doing so.)

When you first squeeze the Creme out of the bottle it is a translucent rose pink colour. Manipulate on the skin and add water and it swiftly turns white. It doesn’t froth or lather hugely, but it does create a creamy consistency which is lovely to rub across the body.

The process feels like a really lovely pampering experience I think because you associate the smells with those restorative and uplifting moments you’ve taken time out from your day to stick your teeth into a decadent and indulgent treat from your favourite patisserie. They always say smells can transport you places, and I really think that’s the case here if you close your eyes while smoothing the product up and down your limbs, and breath in deeply while doing so.

With the white and pale pink packaging this is a typical blogger’s dream too in terms of aesthetic. It looks fab in those perfectly white Instagram bathrooms, and alongside all your other products that are decorated in stereotypically feminine colour ways and designs.

Out of the three products I sent this is my absolutely favourite. It’s sweet of course, but at a level where it’s not too sickly. It’s so pleasurable to use too, and while you can smell it on your skin when up close and personal, it’s not so strong that it radiates too far from your body, nor interfere with any fragrances that you may be wearing.

Orange Crush Hand Cream

I know it’s a bit of an unseasonal thing to say, but I can’t help but think how great these would be for stocking fillers. They have hand creams that come in squeezey tubes too,  but if you like cute things to sit on your dressing table, I absolutely love these small glass jars.  I also think they make for lovely gifts because of the packaging’s charmingly kitch and retro design.

You may not think the 30ml quantity will last you long but if you have small hands like me, you don’t need to apply much cream to the skin to get lovely results, and to enjoy the lovely sweet orange aroma. Talking of the scent, I find it very powerful (in a positive way, because I love orange scents) but I passed it to my parents to smell and they said they couldn’t detect the fruity smell at all. Rather than being an accurate representation of the power of its fragrance, I think this was just an effective way of realising my parents have hit that stage of their life where they start losing their sense of smell. It would certainly explain why mums meal portion size has reduced, and why she’s said she doesn’t enjoy eating dinner anymore. Before I digress into the subject of ageing parents, I only mentioned this because I think with anything that is subjective, personal or dependant on unique factors, I think a review can only get you so far. I’d always encourage people to do research  products for sure, but with some things you won’t know till you try for yourself whether it’s a product for you.

One of my favourite things about this cream is how swiftly it soaks into the skin. It’s genuinely one of the fastest to soak in out of a lot of hand creams I’ve tried over the years. I think this is a really important quality,  particular if like me you have a career (or work to do) where having oily or greasy hands would be problematic. When I’m having a day of drawing it’s integral I have clean and dry hands. I’ve ruined  many drawings in the past with a greasy hand or finger print which have soaked into the paper or smudged some pencil. Also if you are wearing silk or satin, a moist hand can leave an unsightly mark. And goodness knows with the 24/7 nature of a lot of our jobs we are often on the go, getting ready in a hurry, and don’t have time to wait for things to dry or soak in.

It also makes it a really good product to have in your handbag the apply when you’re out and about, with no fear you’re gonna leave greasy mitt marks on banisters or on the escalator hand rails.

All the brand’s hand creams are rich in moisturising glycerine.It’s an ingredient commonly use in hand creams for it’s ability to draw water and moisture from lower layers of skin back to the top layer that you feel and see. I’ve been applying it for a few days now and my hands definitely look less weathered and younger as a result.

At £5 I could argue that they’re slightly expensive for the quantity of product but I think you have to consider you are paying for the lovely aforementioned glass pot and beautifully designed outer cardboard packaging.

If orange isn’t a smell you are personally drawn to, they also have Lemon BonBon (which is next on my wish-list), Sweet as Cherry Pie, Sugared Violet and Cranberries Cream.

If you want more product for your money, and you are willing to give up the adorable glass pot versions of the hand creams, then their tubes at £3.99 (50ml) come in some incredible scents too – Raspberry Roulade, Rhubarb Custard, Apricot Coulee, Cranberries Cream, Mango Sorbet, Pineapple Paradise, Creme Patisserie, Sweet as Cherry Pie, Strawberry Cupcake. It makes you hungry just thinking about them doesn’t it….although again, I reiterate, please don’t eat these!!!

Sweet as Cherry Pie Body Mist.

I have to begin the review of this particular product admitting that Body Mist isn’t a product I would tend to buy normally. I’m pretty loyal to my long time fave fragrances (Chanel Coco Mademoiselle and Marc Jacobs Daisy) so I don’t like to add products to my body that disrupt or distract from those. However, for the sake of writing a review for people who do like scented mist products I used this for a couple of days to see how I got on with it. This vegan friendly product packs a punch scent wise. With just one squirt you get a big hit of that sweet cherry pie aroma. I wafted round my partner and family to see what they thought of my new smell, and the results were mixed. Si really liked the smell and kept coming by me for another sniff (a bit intrusive actually), but my mum recoiled saying ‘not for me’. But that’s the nature of fragrance, it’s an extremely personal thing, that’s why there are thousands of smells on the market to choose from. If you know that the scent of Cherry wouldn’t be you kind of smell, they also have Body Mist’s in Cranberries Cream, Sugared Violet and Strawberry cupcake.

The combination or ripe red cherries and vanilla is extremely nostalgic. I couldn’t help but think of my younger years sucking on cherry drops that I’d get them from the shop opposite school, without my mum’s knowledge.

This wouldn’t be an everyday go-to for me, it’s a bit to sweet and too much like a food smell for my personal taste (I seek out a more grown up and sophisticated scent) but I think I’ll get a lot of use out of it on holiday. When you’re applying sun creams and sweating out all of your excesses on the beach you don’t want to waste your expensive designer scents. I can imagine I’ll keep spraying this over myself to mask the natural summer body smells and help create a fun and sweet summer feel. At £6.99 is an affordable way to infuse some sweetness into your summer memories. I also think in summer when I’m feeling more youthful and playful I’m more drawn to fruit smells too.

I’d like to also mention that I noticed that the product was ‘made with love in the UK’. I’m always a fan of companies that can reduce their carbon footprints (while I’ve made an assumption there I presume that may be the case) and it’s always nice to support UK business too.

All in all I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting sugary and fruity while looking after myself and I’m already compiling a list of the next products I want to try.

Have you tried products by Patisserie De Bain? Which are your favourites? Have I made you crave baked goods?

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    oh Yes , I love it ! I have been obsessed with it too ,since I saw it in my local pharmacy (France) !!

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