Two days ago I got a message asking if I’d want to celebrate the collaboration between Miley Cyrus and Converse by posting an Instagram of some pieces they would send me. Talk about a no brainer…

I didn’t know what I would be getting and at that point the collection was under strict embargo so I had no idea what I had committed myself to styling in said Instagram post. However I had faith in my beloved Converse and fellow animal-lover Miley, that I’d be delivered something that would make me very happy.

As you will guys know from my outfit posts my Converse high tops are probably one of my most worn pairs of shoes. Such a classic silhouette they go with every outfit, whether it be trousers or a cute dress with the added bonus of being super comfy.

When I agreed to do the post with the guys at @Prodirectselect it was already a bit tight to fit in shooting the outfit in time for the Wednesday launch-day deadline, I knew the weather forecast wasn’t looking good for the next couple of days and I didn’t have time to come up with a cool location and shoot concept that would make the most of this cool collab. I woke up yesterday ecstatic to see the sun shining, it appeared to have made an unscheduled visit, the night before’s beautiful pink sky being a hint that it may have been on its way. Then my plans were thwarted when I realised that my house was empty and therefore I had no-one to help me take the photos. Luckily I didn’t have languish in that frustration for too long  because shortly after a message came through to say the delivery had been delayed and it would arrive on the day of the launch. I don’t really know why I’m telling you this, I guess to keep you up to date on the reality of blogging work and how you sometimes just gotta work with what you got and try to make it work , but also because I would have ideally really wanted to do Queen Miley justice, and created a shoot as glittery and fun as the soles of these high tops.

I’m currently writing this blog post with three heated wheat bags tucked into my waistband while being comforted by two layers of boyfriend jumpers,  having taken pictures in the rain (in a car park) of this lovely Boxy Cropped Glitter Track Tee in pink (£35.00). So I have to admit that today wasn’t the day to show it off for it’s summer friendly credentials and my rain covered face may not have been convincing at pretending I was feeling good exposing my soft, winter-insulated belly.

If you have reasonably large boobs – mine are currently having a surge – you will find that if you raise your arms you might expose the bottom of your bra/boob, but if my Instagram feed is anything to go by, that’s pretty ‘in’ right now right?

The stripe detail on the sleeves is created from a bandana design, which is one of the most prominent themes of the whole collection. There’s a bra, track pant, Tee Dress, Pullover Hoodie, Sport Legging and Track tee will allover bandana prints, as well as the shoes that have it incorporated into the sole .

Another motif that is featured numerous times in the collection is the adorable MC smiley face logo (Logo Bike Short, Oversized Logo Tee Dress, Mini Backpack) and featured more subtly on the more simple pieces from the collection like the Glitter Tulip Track Pant.

It’s hard to see from these images, but the fabric has a really pretty glitter woven into which makes it glisten really beautifully when the light catches it. This elevates it above  the average sporty crop top and into something you’d want to wear whether you’re exercising or not (in my case, always not).

I think a lot of people were happily surprised by the launch today, purely because they kept this one under wraps quite well. Now it’s happened it makes complete sense that they two powerhouses and contempoary culture faves would come together again for this super fun collection. Boy do we all need a bit of fun right now?!

“Converse has no boundaries. It’s outspoken. I’ve always identified with Converse because the brand appeals to and represents so many different cultures and walks of life. And they’re accessible,” Cyrus said in an interview with Nike, Converse’s parent company.

This also isn’t the first time Cyrus has worked with the brand thought. Just last summer, she starred in its Yes To All Pride campaign for which  Converse released limited-edition sneakers with rainbows on them, with Miley acting as their front woman. They were incredible shoes, and I still regret not adding them to my ever-growing Converse collection. All net proceeds from Converse’s rainbow Pride collection were donated to The Happy Hippie Foundation, along with It Gets Better, a non-profit organization which aids LGBTQ youth.

My fave shoes from Miley’s latest drop are the Black Chuck Taylor All Star Platform x Miley Cyrus high tops (£80) which are also the most expensive  pieces in the collection. These white ones with the glitter pink sole (described as White/Pink Dogwood/Black) were a close second though, and probably the best choice for me, as my weak ankles have always struggled a bit in high flat-forms and I don’t need anything else adding to the probability of me falling down. 


Once the summer weather stops playing hide and seek I’ll do another reshoot that doesn’t risk hypothermia, and one that really emphasises the childlike fun and joy of pieces like these glittery high tops.

Isn’t it great when something you wear can make you feel a litter perkier and youthful, even if it’s fleeting. Opening the cardboard box and seeing these lying there, fresh and sparkling, really cheered me up on this dreary hump day.

Have you got your eyes on anything from the collection? Let me know in the comments.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post but the lovely folk at ProDirect sent me the shoes/top for the purpose to post on Instagram. 

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