A few weeks ago you may have noticed a sponsored post on my Instagram feed regarding this rose-gold beauty. I covered it’s main features and made it clear that I was a fan, but when I really like a product I prefer to go a bit more in depth about the what’s and whys. I think it’s important because the reason’s why I like it may be the reason’s it may not be the product for you and your specific hair type/cut. It’s helpful to you that I explain the positives a bit more thoroughly so you guys can make a judgement on whether it’s a purchase you’re going to want to make factoring the styles you want to create and the money you have to spare.

Let’s get the superficial things out the way. I know some of us got rose gold fatigue due to blogger over saturation on Intagram, but it still looks very elegant placed on the dresser and a lot more aesthetically pleasing than the majority of hair appliances on the market. I know that if I saw it on a shelf in store, or on a website product gallery, I would likely be drawn to it for it’s pretty outer shell.

It has intelligent OPTI heat Technology. What the devil is that I hear you say? Well if I’m honest I’m not really sure, but in short I think it means that the appliance focuses the heat where it matters to encourage the style you choose to last as long as possible…which is always the goal isn’t it? Apparently in lab tests styles have shown to last 24 hours, and I have to say I have certainly found that to be the case too. If I know I have an early start I will often use these tongs to create the style the day before and it’s always in tact when I wake up. Of course if I’ve slept on one side for the whole night that area will be a bit flat and need a bit of freshening up, but on many occasions where I’ve tossed and turned in a balanced fashion at night,  I’ve often just had to run my fingers through my waves to be good to go the next day.

If you have highly bleached hair, or hair that has been through the wars that probably if you’re honest with yourself shouldn’t be styled with heat, there is a PRO+ setting, that gently styles the hair at lower temperatures. To activate this you just press and hold + for 2 seconds, this automatically selects the temperature at 185oc and  PRO + will appear on the screen.

I will admit that I am and have always been a bit naughty in regards to looking after my hair when it comes to applying heat. Because I had natural hair for over 25 years I never paid any attention to these rules, because I felt they never applied to me. I was confident I had fairly healthy hair that I was a  less risky candidate in terms of potential damage. But now a few years into dying my hair every colour under the sun, and now with a head full of highlights, I should probably be utilising lower temperatures than I am.

Their guidelines are as follow…

120-170 degrees – Thin/Fine, damaged or bleached hair.

170-200 degrees – Normal, healthy hair.

200-210 degrees – Thick, very curly and difficult to style.

Although my individual hair strands are thin, I have a lot of them, so my hair appears thick, has a natural wave, and takes a while to style. For that reason I really want to ensure my perfected waves last as long as possible before I have to do it again, and I figure the higher the temperature I use that better the staying power – even though they say only experienced stylers should use the hottest temperates. If I can’t call myself experienced at my age then what are the benefits of being so long in the tooth?!

One of the best and most pleasantly surprising things about this styler is the speed at which it heats up at. There’s genuinely very little down time while you wait for it to reach your desired temperature ( the selected temperature with flash until it is reached), it’s just enough time to section your hair so you can get cracking on the underneath layers first.

I’m so pleased that this curler comes with the protective glove though. This accident prone girl with Nik-Naks for fingers thanks you, Remington. Although it has it’s cool spots (the black areas you can see above), which help you to avoid burns to an extent, when you are curling the shorter hair in your underneath layers you won’t have much length of strand to work with, so your hand is constantly very close to the scorching barrel. My short hair has provided improved ease ,and free’d up so much time that used to be dedicated to taming my very long hair, but I will admit that curling the underneath layers that come out from the lower neck has taken a bit of getting used to. Unless you use to tapered end of the barrel you won’t see much of a curl on these shorter strands, the chunkier part of the barrel will give it a wave and add volume which will help to create a full and textured look overall once the top layer is flopped on top,  but it’s hard to create defined curls on those shortest bits.

Everyone has a personal preference or will do when they start to experiment. Some like to curl away from the face, others like to alternate, curling under and curling over. They actually recommend you hold the barrel facing down and wrap a section of hair around it, but as you can see from the pictures I’ve found an alternative way that works better for me and hyper extendable arms. Whatever you do, wait for about 10 seconds for the curl to form, unwind the hair and release that curl. Ideally let those curls cool (finish the rest of your hair) before brushing through, this should help to extend their life.

Something else that this Remington model boasts is Grip Tech ceramic coating. This is designed to reduce catching and snagging of the hair, and to reduce frustration and damage when styling. I feel like this is pretty standard or at least should be. I have to admit at times it was almost too smooth because when I wear the glove I almost can’t feel my hair between my fingertips. Early on there were more than a  few occasions when the hair would fall out from my fingertips and I wouldn’t be holding the strand on the barrel, so the curl would slip off before the ten seconds was up and I’d have to grab again and re-wrap. I’ve got the knack of it now though, and I feel like the flawless barrel surface really helps to create smooth and glossy curls (which can look beachy if salty products applied).

Prior to being sent this Remington ProLUXE I had been using my straighteners to create some texture and waves in my hair, but I wasn’t completely happy with the results. This shorter hair is a bit of an adjustment for me, having had very long hair for the majority of my life, so it was always going to take a bit of time to find a look that I was completely happy with. Since being sent these I have ditched the GHD’s for creating waves and curls, only using them on the days I want a poker straight look or a smoothed out bob with the ends tucked under.

I think this is a great and versatile tong and I’m recommend it to most people. The tapered barrel (25-28mm) means theres a certain amount of flexibility and you can use it to cater to your particular length of hair or the style of curl you’re after. If I want that soft Hollywood wave I use the large part of the barrel and that almost creates just one dip in a wave once brushed through and softened. If I want a beachier look I use a mixture of thin and thick parts of the barrel, or allow the hair to curl round the barrel going from the middle to the thin end . If you have shorter hair it is a bit tricker to use, but I think that’s probably the case for any barrel kind of tong, hair with length it easier in my experience (albeit time consuming) and the results even more obvious. It’s just a fact that more curls can fit on longer hair so the overall finish is very impactful.

So in conclusion. It feels high tech and modern, without being overly complicated or gimmicky. It’s great for those that get ready in a hurry due to its high temperatures and swift heating up time. It looks pretty, and caters to different hair and style desires. It’s affordable and value for money at around £30. It’s a thumb up from me.

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