Photos by Derek Bremner

It’s Friday and I’m sure a lot of you are thinking, thank god for that. I know I am at least, even though I have a full day of work tomorrow and a freelancers weekend generally only means a bit less intensity radiating from the  inbox, and  a few more mates  available to chat/hamg during the day.

I don’t want to deliver anything heavy duty today, more of a light read and something you can digest in just a few minutes on your commute home while get excited about your friday night dinner, or your planned evening ‘out, out’ escapades.

This Tuesday I had a blog photo shoot with Derek, it was the balmiest of weather we had this week. I remember in a break between shots as I stood on a street in Balham, angled my head to the sun, and closed my eyes. I love that in temporarily taking away one of my senses the feeling of warmth and its’ restorative effects were heightened. In that moment all was well in my world, and nothing apart from soaking in that feeling was of any concern to me.

This got me thinking about the simple things that bring lightning bolts of joy to our days, sometimes so minor or regular you barely recognise them. I thought I’d list my currents one in this post, just to see if ignites you guys to pinpoint yours. Who knows, if this week has been mediocre or bloody awful, recognising these fleeting highs might make it feel less so. I guarantee every day has something noteworthy within it if you have it in you to look hard for it.

So here’s mine, the obvious, the weird, the wonderful….

When some sort of refraction from a glass ornament in our lounge projects rainbow colours onto our beige carpet. I like to put my hand there as if I’m catching the rainbow. Probably sounds weird to you, but what can I say, I can’t resist and it makes me feel magical. I do it every single time.

Our fridge is located by the backdoor. The glass of that door has a bumpy pattern to it and it creates a beautiful dappled shadow on the side of the fridge, which serves as a perfect blank canvas for it. It would make me stop and stare at the Tate Modern. Real life can is art, thats for sure.

Interactions with our friendly postman. We got a new postman a few months ago and he’s always smiling and always seems to want to chat. He asks me about my day, my work, and seems genuinely interested. I like that he leaves our very brief interaction smiling wider and that our to and fro has had a beneficial effects on both of our days.

When the neighbours cats come to see us. If you follow my insta stories you’ll feel quite familiar with Basset and Rowntree. Sure I’m pretty sure our lack of will power when it comes to being measures with our giving out of Dreamies, it still feels pretty nice that animals that aren’t out want to come and say hey and spend time with us. Plus there’s the therapeutic effect that stroking them has, which feels both potent and immediate.

When I wake up with good skin (or good skin for me at least), I instantly feel more optimistic about the day ahead. As someone whose confidence has been marred by problematic skin for about two decades, it always feel like a real gift if my skin wakes up fairly unscathed by night time sebum production or hormonal raves.

Not having to rush to the loo after a meal is a rare but delightful treat. Knowing that I’m actually getting the nutrients (and all the not so helpful stuff) out of it and it’s actually contributing to the function of my body. When I can enjoy that content feeling of being full, rather than ill type of full where it’s either bloating or cramping, or both. When I don’t have to excuse myself from the table and make a mad dash.

Getting good feedback on work. In my industry if you deliver work like a sponsored, you only hear feedback if there’s something that needs changing. Very rarely do you hear if a brand loved your video or blog post, so it always makes your day when a PR makes a point of saying they loved what you created, even better when they reveal it’s made them want to work with you again. Being a blogger/YouTuber can feel a thankless job at times, in that we don’t have appraisals from our bosses periodically to let us know how we’re doing, we don’t get bonuses if we’ve worked well and we don’t get promotions, in the normal sense at least. A simple email to say they have noticed your efforts can genuinely make your week.

When a film that I loved when I was younger, but for some reason I forget about, is on the TV or added to one of my subscription services. If it’s associated with good memories, it’s lovely to languish in nostalgia for a few hours.

Dancing in the kitchen. For some reason the kitchen does something weird to me. I think it’s because I’m bored because Si is the one actually being productive in the kitchen. But I always end up singing songs with made up, usually very rude, or intentionally dancing in a way that makes

Car based sing songs. I’m often allowed to be resident DJ during our drives and I genuinely look forward to our journeys, which is a miracle for someone who used to dread them due to car sickness and my minute bladder. I’ll go with my mood, power ballads one day, nu metal classics the next. Si is generally game for most, but is not happy when I go down the 90’s Indie route. Yesterday we enjoyed The Greatest Showman, and LA LA Land session, Si was particularly vocal and flamboyant during ‘This is Me.’

Talking of music. When I have to go to London for meetings, I love to pretend I’m in a movie and that the music playing in my ears is a film score to a film I’m playing a part in. Even when I choose an emotive tearjerker instrumental, I sort of enjoy it. It feels dramatic and epic.

When I get to wearing comfy shoes during a long day. There not much better than having a series of events or appointments that make it doable/acceptable to wear trainers that don’t give me heel blisters.

Having a little time to myself without being disturbed (to watch the TV shows I love, to meditate, to whatsapp mates, to work, to pamper, to try on new clothes). The last two weeks my parents have been away enjoy the carb heavy delights of Italy. It’s been the happiest and most relaxed I’ve been in ages. Okay, it’s had its difficulties in terms of me not having transport or anyone to help with cooking when I’ve been particularly tired (I have missed many meals as a result) but the feeling of the home being a sanctuary is one I haven’t felt in such a long time, and it’s been truly wonderful.

Going through old clothes in the loft or in the reject end of your wardrobe and realising something that you had discarded for some reason or another is suddenly something you can’t wait to wear.

When I get cooked a scrummy dinner and I can tell that my genuine and obvious glee eating it has made the person who created the dish feel great.

When someone buys one of my prints. I can’t even explain what it feels like as it evokes so many feelings. I guess it just means the world that someone would like something that I’ve created enough to pay for it. Any action that gives you a feeling of being supported does wonders for your confidence and happiness.

Going to sleep and knowing I don’t have anything particularly stressful or worry-worthy happening the next day.

Taking photos and that feeling you get when you first see them imported into Lightroom. At that stage theres the exciting element of the unknown, not knowing how much you can elevate the image from your editing process.

Dogs….any dogs. Even better if they let me love them.

So there’s just a few of mine…please share yours in the comments.

The Outfit

I’ve been itching to shoot this peachy pink cord outfit from See You Never but really wanted to wait for a bright day to enhance the cheery nature of this statement set. As soon as I saw the jacket on the site I thought ‘that’s a bit of me’ – yes I have been watching too much Love Island. Then I saw it had matching trousers, and I knew this would end up being one of my fave outfits of all time. I love that the trousers have a bit of a looseness to them, even though they fit perfectly on the waist – it’s just so nice to wear bottoms that are soft and comfortable and don’t chafe any of my sensitive areas. The jacket looks ace with it’s matching trousers but it’s also become a great accompaniment to my summer dresses too.


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