Yope Linden Line Reviewed

You’ll know from a post from a few months back that I have become a fan of Yope this year, the previous one singing the praises of a Fig scented liquid soap I was sent by the brand.

Recently I was sent a beautiful marigold cardboard presentation box, emblazoned with adorable illustrations, containing three products from their new Linden Line.

The trio of products all have a fragrance of Linden flowers, and extracts of three flowers: linden, marigold and chamomile. It was created specifically for this special time at the beginning of summer, a glorious time of blooming flowers and green lawns that we find ourselves revelling in now.

Not only are the products cruelty free and absent of SLES, PEG, SLS, and parabens, a percentage of the sales of this line are donated to the Laka Foundation, who plant seeds in cities to ensure bees have plenty of flowers to pollinate. There’s a very cute addition to the set too, with a sachet enclosed to allow you to sow two balcony’s worth of flower pots so that you too can have your very own mini meadow.

But the Laka foundation don’t just sow seeds, they also educate children, conduct social products, support local projects and communities, conducts research and also try to persuade officials to change laws that impact the well-being of bees.

Natural Hand and Body Lotion

The natural Linden flower extract present in the product is a fantastic antioxidant with beneficial strengthening and smoothing properties. Shea butter, coconut oil, and olive oil moisturise the skin, leaving it feeling nourished and soft. Natural linseed, marigold and chamomile flower extracts have anti inflammatory and soothing properties which is perfect for anyone with sensitive or aggravated skin. The balm is absorbed quickly and a pleasantly gentle aroma remains, eventually combining seamlessly with your natural body scents.

Since Si has started his food business his hands have taken quite a battering. Holding his hands feels like I’m being sanded down. Every one of his days now consists or repetitive activities like chopping, slicing, peeling and needing, not to mention a hell of a lot of washing up. Spending so much time over the hobs and a steamy grill has also taken it’s toll on his hands, now consistently tight, rough and dry, and covered in burns. He’s started to apply this to his hands once his cooking duties are complete for the day, as an act of self care and to try and give his hands a much needed pamper after all their hard work.

I’ve personally been concentrating it’s use on my legs, where I  often have very dry areas  displaying that white chalky-ness. It always completely ruins the overall aesthetic of the days I get to put on a pretty summer dress so I have been wanting to find a solution. Products with Shea butter have always tended to help with this problem, so I was unsurprised to find that this is very much helping to add moisture to my legs and give them a nice healthy gloss.

When you pump it into your hands it comes out as a creamy white consistency, but after a swift massage it disappears into the skin, the only evidence of it’s presence is that your dry and mattified skin now has a healthy sheen.

Natural Liquid Soap with TGA Formula

This moisturising soap is extremely gentle on the skin and environmentally friendly thanks to it’s TGA formula. What is TGA, I hear you cry? Well it’s a mixture of natural washing substances made of various things including coconut oil, sesame oil and corn glucose.

Combined, they create a creamy washing foam that doesn’t irritate the skin. We are all very aware of coconut oils skin care credentials – It’s naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal, is an excellent moisturizer, and can penetrate better than many other oils. I was personally less familiar with the skin benefits of sesame oil, but apparently it is the linoleic acid that gives both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties for sesame oil, and it’s rich in antioxidants, easily absorbed into the skin, and nourishes it from deep inside, promoting the skin’s softness. Containing the same floral extracts as the lotion, this product also contains soothing and antioxidant properties.

Natural Shower Gel

I’ve never been a huge user of Shower Gel, not just because I’m a stinky wrongan, but because I tend to bath more than Shower. But Si, who absolutely adores a lengthy shower once or twice a day has confirmed that this is a particularly lovely one, and fills the shower atmosphere with a glorious warming aroma. I’ve also spotted his sniffing his arms afterwards, which is also a good sign of it’s prowess in the game. I’ve been using this as a shaving cream for my legs and it’s been very effective.

Again this is rich in plant extracts and active ingredients so will also soothe any skin irritations you might have. During this season, when we’re a bit too eager to soak up the Vit D and end up overdoing it in the sun, it’s nice and gentle on tender sunburn.

The linden extracts also contain flavonoids. Cosmetically, uses of flavonoids extraction in skin care products are renowned for equipping topical formulations with skin protecting properties. Derived from plants, flavonoids contain high concentrations of antioxidants that help to neutralize free-radicals present in the environment.

These multi talented linen extracts also contain vitamins and mineral salts which will also be useful nutritional gifts to the skin. Thanks to it’s bevy or natural and gentle ingredients and neutral PH it;s kind to your bits and bobs too.

I think this would make for such a beautiful gift, not just for for your cruelty-free pals who deserve a pamper, but for anyone that just loves really nice things (that also look great in the bathroom). The outer cardboard packaging is so beautiful, this hoarder is completely torn about what to do with it. My natural tendencies mean I want to keep it, even display it’s beautiful cheery self. But the voices in my head mimicking the opinions of my family and fella are urging me to throw. But it’s yellow, with animals on it, with polka dots too….have the design team literally crawled into the creative space in my head and made packaging to tick all my personal boxes???

Each individual product is lovely too, so if you haven’t purchased the set as a gift to you, you could always divvy it up and ensure three of your loved ones are getting to enjoy the Linden experience. Each product looks beautiful with its friendly animal faces, gold metallic details and uplifting summery yello , the generous 400/500ml quantities also help to make it feel a substantial gift.

What can I say…they’ve done it again guys.

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