Monday’s are a struggle aren’t they? If you’ve allowed yourself a weekend off from regular checks of your work inbox,  and actually given yourself some down time, you will likely be horrified by the number of emails that have accumulated in the last two days. You’ll feel like you’ve crashed back to reality with a horrific thump after a weekend of holiday vibes in the sun and revelling in England’s football based victory.

I thought I’d alleviate some of the horror and dread, and deliver some happy news in the form of a competition for all of you deserving guys reading. We all know the temporary high a splurge at the shops can gift you,  so I thought you might want to enter for your chance to win a trip to the Bentall Centre next Saturday (30th June) with £100 to spend…oh and me for company. I say company, if you want me to be mute,  and to simply hold your bags and pass you different size options through the curtain, your wish will be granted. Consider me your shopping servant for the day.

Sound good? Well, I hope you’d agree that’s a pretty nice prize! So if you’re available and able to get to Kingston next Saturday, enter via the Bentall Centre Facebook page, where you’ll see the above image posted. Hopefully the winner will look as chuffed as Molly, the previous winner I spent the morning fashion hunting with.


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