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I have a new fashion obsession. Absolutely anything I see that’s made of straw I immediately feel compelled to add it to my shopping basket. Do I have a weird need for my accessories to mirror the texture of my hair? Who knows. It’s proof of the power of the influencer though. It is most definitely a fashion craving that has come about after viewing my fave blogger’s summer posts, and their holiday and press trip looks. Which by the way is extremely torturous, as I personally with no travel plans, and therefore no excuse to buy lots of summer clothes. Yes, this is a very unsubtle hint to any PR’s reading…this is a blogger very eager to create lots of lovely content for you (wink).

This summer it seems that linen dresses, with large wooden or tortoiseshell buttons, teamed with adorable straw bags and a gold charm necklace, is THE LOOK of Summer 2018, and I’m here for it. It’s one I can get on board with because it’s one that can be interpreted for all body sizes and shapes, is very comfortable, unfussy, and actually fairly practical. I’ve seen some style mavens say that they think it’s a bit boring or safe, and extremely over-saturated on the gram. But as I get older the merits of these effortless and faff free styles are amplified, and I really don’t mind that so many people are wearing this kinda look, because I feel its earned it’s popularity.

Shein Woven Flat Slide Sandals – £14.99

So this intro leads me into the results of new affection for all things straw. When Shein got in touch asking if I wanted to pick a couple of bits from their amazingly affordable site, I found myself scrolling through their plethora of straw based options first of all. They made it bloody difficult for me though,  I found it near impossible to refine my choices as there were so many lust-worthy woven accessories. I’m predicting an ungifted splurge is imminent.

We can all compare notes on the difficulties of getting your feet and toes summer-ready. Breaking in new sandals and flip flops each year  is an excruciating process, often leaving your feet looking even more gross that normal, with angry rubs marks and weeping blisters. The uncomfortable wincing walk you obtain, having attempted to wear in your new chic sandals, also completely ruins any attempts to achieve a sexy or cool summer aesthetic. I think I’m starting to get to know which styles of sandals are kinder to my feet and seem to meld seamlessly without weeks of painful wearing in though. For me it’s it’s a slider or mule sandals that seems to work with my particular variety of feet, so these woven ones were added to my wish-list without a seconds thought.

My concern was  that the woven straw might rub on the top of my feet, but I’ve had no issue whatsoever and I have had no discomfort or rubbing at all. No wearing in whatsoever is a massive win for me and at £14.99 they are an absolute steal.

Although basically flat there is about an inch of height thanks to a layer of cork before the rubber sole, this slight lift adds some comfort too. Sometimes really thin and completely flat soles can lead to rather painful feet due to lack of cushioning, so this was a nice bonus to discover.

Of course these may not be the best sandals to wear if you’re looking for protection from crabs and other squiggling sea creatures while paddling your feet in the ocean (buy some jellies or sporty rubber ones for that), but these will be great ones for mooching round the quaint and picturesque town by day, and taking you through to a moonlit dinner by the marina.

Straw Bucket Bag With Ring Handle £9.99

Now this for me is the absolute showstopper of this post. What a bag. Looks and substance, which is rare in accessories (and humans C.C Love Island). I was first drawn to it because of it’s bucket shape, there’s something so adorable about this format, not to mention ridiculously roomy and capable of holding all my gubbins.

It has big gold ring handles if you choose to carry your bag in this way, but if you generally opt for a shoulder strap they have this covered too, this time in a black fabric which stops the bag from being too evening-y and makes it perfect for summer days.  The best bit is the the drawstring lining though, which makes sure all of your things are neatly hidden away and protected from any harmful elements that may come their way. I can see me taking this to the beach (when I finally book a trip away) and putting my suncream, sunglasses, cameras, and a cover up tee in there. It’s such a handy size…bigger and more practical than the average straw bag, but not one of those hugely oversized straw bags many lug to the beach.

This next, circular straw bag is one I had previously bought from Shein before I collaborated with them on this post, which only goes to prove I work with brands I genuinely love! I was drawn to this one because of its disc shape, but also because unlike a lot of similar round examples of the straw bag I’ve browed, this one is a generous size, and can actually fit the amount of crap I tend to carry around with me at all times.

Round Straw Tote Bag

Don’t get me wrong, I love a cute and miniscule bag, but realistically they just end up being used for the sake of  blog worthy outfit shots, and don’t tend to get regular use in my real life. My hoarding continues outside of my bedroom, and my bag size needs to accommodate that.  I can’t leave the house without my Lumix, a change of lense, my vlogging camera, IBS meds, make up, umbrella and often a change of shoes….oh and let’s not forget the snacks.

Another massive selling point of this one is the fact that is had both a shoulder strap and a handle options, giving it added versatility. I’m  a huge fan of across the body bags, it feels more of a casual way to wear a bag, but also feels way more secure. It’s closer to the body and you can keep an eye on it (and it’s contents), making things a bit harder for a potential pick-pocketer. Making it even more practical and safe a bag to use, for everyday and holiday use, is the fact that it has a zip inside too, so you can make sure all your possessions are out of sight and tucked privately away.

I know what you’re thinking, at £11.99 how good is the quality really going to be? I’m so very impressed, the weave is complex and tightly woven, with no loose bits of staw pinging out and interrupting it’s attractive swirling pattern. The handles are perfectly thick and sturdy too making them perfect for carrying all your weighty goods.

The only slight negative is that when I brought it to Field Day I packed it full of all my heavy tech equipment and the thin-ness of the shoulder strap dug into my shoulder quite a bit – but that’s more about my overpacking and my body fragility rather than any product flaw. I just thought I should mention that straw isn’t comfiest thing on tender or sunburnt shoulder skin.


Had you already fallen for straw? Or have I woken it into your interest? Let me know in the comments below.

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