The chill has now well and truly set it. We are in that awkward phase of needing thick jumpers or Autumn jackets, but also finding that the train companies are putting the heating on full whack and making us sweat our guts out before reaching the destination we have got dressed nicely for. I’m sure we are going to have a few wacky days of summer that make us think it’s not quite time to pack our summer wardrobe away in the loft, but on the whole it’s time to say goodbye to bare legs and arms, and hello to chapped lips and blue fingernails. Or if you look at it at a positive angle, it’s time for cute beanies, lush layering and a copious amount of hot chocolate.

I hadn’t posted these shots from the Summer yet, because in August I was in the US for the majority of the time and blogging was swapped for real time adventuring. These were shot with my friend Derek, who is not only a lovely human being and an extremely talented photographer, he’s also been great at teaching me how to be a better, more natural subject in my blogging photos.

While the photos we take together are always great for content, they’ve been really useful in terms of me getting comfortable with how I pose and how I feel in front of the camera. Each time we shoot together I feel like I learn a bit more about angles and feel a bit more happy to try new poses, with the mindset of ‘it doesn’t matter if it works or not’. The armpit exposing one below for example. I said ‘won’t people think I’m a twat?”. I was worried that people passing by or seeing the finished images might think I’m taking it all too seriously, like I was trying to be a serious ACTUAL model something. I was concerned they’d think I was deluded or had a warped sense of grandeur. I think we both settled on the fact that I need to care less and just do. After-all a goal as someone doing outfit posts is to show off the clothes, so why not try and do that as best as possible.

Anyway this wasn’t meant to be a wordy post. I just wanted to show you this adorable playsuit before the snow starts falling and this outfit is completely irrelevent.

I’ve started to prefer simple dressing lately – less bells and whistles, so this striped linen playsuit with it’s muted tones was a great purchase for my summer in the desert.

Primark Playsuit

Missona Necklace

London Rebel Sandals

Primark Bag

Photos by Derek Bremner

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