I’m having one of those days today. This is the second time I’ve written this blog post in the last 3 hours because I was about to publish it before lunch when my server decided something was up, freaked out and decided to lose the whole thing. Yes server, I’m still sulking. This was shortly before I realised I hadn’t been charging my phone, I had instead plugged my earphones into it. This was before I managed to break the dress I was meaning to wear before tonight’s film screening.

These days are when you feel happy that you can write an escapist review on something fun and frivolous. I don’t think my brain could take a deep and heavy think piece or memoir today.

I’ve been meaning to feature W7 on my blog for a while now. I often get press releases about their new product launches and they’ve all looked right up my beauty alley, so I was ecstatic to get my eager hands on their Romanced Pallette – which is described as Neutrals in Love, which is pretty adorable.

The only shade that could perhaps elevate this to complete ‘made for me’ status is a slightly more dramatic orange – I would perhaps swap out euther ‘Romeo’ or ‘Affair’ to make room for this as they’re fairly similar brown shades.

All the shades in this set blend very well. Some of the lighter shades do require a few layers of building to reach they’re potential, but on the whole I’m impressed with the colour pigmentation. I don’t see this as a negative point anyway as I actually like the option of being less dramatic with my shadows – it makes it a more versatile pallette.

I have been particularly impressed by 5 metallic shades. They pack an incredible punch and are so ridiculously pretty. I can’t wait to use them for my final wedding of the year this weekend, and they’re even delivering some glam to tonight’s screening look, once I decide on the dress I’m going to wear after I massacred the last one.

There’s so many potential looks that could be created with this crowd pleasing and affordable pallette but I thought I’d just show you three very easy ones, and let you guys get on with the fun of experimenting!


BRONZE EYE CLOSE UPBy this point I’d wiped my make up off a couple of times so I was looking a little blotchy and red ( the reality of beauty blogging and shooting multiple looks) so I again used Infatuation just to help me create an even and bright canvas to begin with.


Next I applied ‘Fling’ to the lids, which is a lovely soft terracotta shade. It would be lovely used alone for peachy summer looks.


I used ‘Fairytale’ in the crease line. This is a lovely soft brown/tope colour which mixed perfectly with ‘Fling’ to create a really warm blend in the crease area and above.

w7 cosmetics bronze montage

I brought some of this warming colour under the lower lash line to create a halo of warmth around the whole eye.


I used my finger to apply ‘Valentine’ across the lid. This is a darker and heavier of the three glistening bronze/gold shades. By using a warm and slightly sweaty finger the colour applied with pleasing intensity.

To enlarge the eyes I used a pop of ‘Amour’ (the pale gold shade) to the inner corners. I always find this quick technique instantly brightens a tired face and just makes the look a bit fresher.


smokey eye - sophie eggleton

I started by covering the whole eye with ‘Fairty Tale’ which is a warm but pale brown shade – a bit like a milky hot chocolate. By the way this is a beautiful tone on it’s own for everyday wear. I imagine I will hit pan very soon.

smokey eye trio

Next I applied ‘Affair’ to the creases which is a darker brown, but still fairly warm in tone. I brought it fairly high up towards the eyebrows as we are going for a more dramatic eye with this particular look.

smokey eye w7 cosmetics

I then turned to ‘Romeo’ to shade in the the outer and inner sides of the lid, just to give the lid some added dimension. It meant that the lighter brown shade was left only in the centre of the lid, which I think makes my eyes look a bit larger despite the heavy-ness of this look.

smokey eyes - sophie eggleton - w7 cosmetics

Instead of using actual eyeliner I used the darkest shade, ‘Black Book’ to line the top lid and lower lash line. I didn’t want precision this time,  I wanted it to look smoked and diffused.

smokey eyes - tutorial

I also used ‘Black Book’ and the darker brown shade ‘Romeo’ to bring the smoke out a bit more from the eye. Instead of a feline flick, the smoke was creeping out of it’s outer corners.

smokey eyes

To complete this femme fatale look I completed the a bold and glossy red lip. Whoever the next James Bond is come and find me, I’m waiting for you.


The shimmering pink and plum shades were what made me feel initial excitment when I first opened the palette. The looked divine, I just hoped they’d look as good on me as they do in their squares. Spoiler alert – they do and they’re amazing!

pink eye make up

First up I put a layer of ‘Fling’ on my lid again to even the skin tone (I have quite obvious veins which can show through and can impact the the look). I then put a layer of ‘Lust’ on the lid which is a beautiful dusky pink shade (which is beautiful on it’s own and great for subtle grungey eyes).

pink eyes - w7

I then added ‘Date Night’ to the crease which is a pinkish brown shade. I added the dark plum ‘Desire to the corner of the crease to add further depth. I added the stunning ‘Ever After’ to the lid – a rose pink metallic glittery shade. I then used the darker metallic plum ‘Crush on the outer and inner corners of the lid. I used some of the metallic underneath my lower lashes too for some added romance.


In conclusion I think this is the perfect palette for Autumn, or any time of the year for that matter. For me it covers all of my personal go-to shades. It has the plums and warm browns for grungey eyes. It has light browns, pale oranges and a cream for everyday neutral/natural looks. It has all the necessary browns and a black to create a banging classic smokey eye. It has dusky pinks and plums to create autumnal eyes to wear as your drink mulled wine and kick up those fallen leaves. It has the metallic bronze and golds to create glamorous evening eyes or to widen those winter weary eyes. It has the richer warmer metallics for night time drama too. I love it and it will be the palette I take with me on any travels, because I know it will cater to any situation or occasion I am likely to find myself in. Sure, it doesn’t have those out-there, wacky or unexpected shades, but this is one great all rounded for more conventional day or evening looks and I’m obsessed with it!

By the way….. Although it pains me to even think about Christmas let alone type the word in a blog post, while we’re talking all things W7 I feel it my duty as a blogger to let you know that the brand have a spectacular calendar consisting of of 24 W7 treats in full and mini size. The set contains a variety of the brands best-selling face, lip and eye products, all of which will make the perfect additions to any festive makeup bag. There’s lots of great calanders out there, it’s almost overhwhelming,  but I know it’s a bit more limited if you’re a Cruelty Free beauty lover, so thought it’d be useful information for those gifting someone (or themselves).

The W7 Cosmetics Romanced Eye Colour Palette is available now for £9.95 at www.w7cosmetics.co.uk.

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