Today I come to you with a blogger first world problem. Being invited to swanky events that require glam dressing when it’s blowing a gale or nipple hardening-ly cold.

Premiere’s are so difficult to dress for post October time, it’s no longer a case of shaving your legs, glossing up your skin and throwing on any glam dress. Suddenly you have to factor in tights, which immediately make you feel a little less carpet ready, you have to think about covering goose pimpled arms, and choosing a fabric thick enough to ensure you’re not an out of focus shivering mess in your pap shots. I guess if you’re a flush celebrity you can afford to get a car that drops your right outside the venue. But for me travelling from Surrey, on trains, the chaotic sweat inducing underground, then on slippery foot, you have to factor in different terrain and a extended amount of time braving the elements.

I can’t tell you how excited I am when I come across a dress I like, one that has sleeves, doesn’t show off my boobs, and has good coverage on the leg. It’s such rare find that it delivers a style hallelujah moment – you can almost see a halo glowing out from the product shot . It’s even better when a brand like Boohoo say you can pick one off their site as a Christmas gift from them to you.

As soon as I saw this on the site I knew this was the one. I love that the sleeves are long, but that the designers had made it more interesting by giving them a flare at the end. It has a deep slip at the side which stops it from being too covered up or frumpy. It’s cut in a way that it nips in at the smallest part of my waist, meaning the evidence of my winter comfort eating isn’t constricted by the silky fabric. I also love the orange and blue print, one of my all time favourite colour combos.

The greatest thing about a dress with this much skin coverage is that you don’t have to worry about bra choice, which is one of the banes of my social life. Unfortunately my boobs aren’t perky enough to go sans support, so every time I buy a beautiful evening dress with an intricate or low back, a huge amount of my get-ready time is spent faffing about trying to find an undergarment that doesn’t completely ruin the overall aesthetic ( or leave me in fear of some sort of nipple related mishap).

This is one of the those dresses that isn’t confined to a season either. In Autumn or winter you can team with tights and boots and a cute vegan fur cropped coat or a long classic military coat. In summer you can wear with your favourite summer sandals and some sunnies. All year round you can make it casual like I did here, throw on your boyfriend vintage denim and your fave trainers and you’ve got that ‘effortless’ style thing going on.

I feel like in summer there’s so many articles about looking comfortable, feeling confident etc, but surely we want to feel our best, most confident selves in winter too, so #doyourthing – find what styles make you feel your most powerful, sexy, beautiful (and warm) self.

What do you look for from your winter dresses? How would you style one like this?


The dress was kindly gifted by Boohoo. I wasn’t paid, but was asked for a post in return.

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