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We’ve only got a few days to go before the ever so divisive Valentines Day, and I’m starting to see a lot of moans already on twitter regarding the mass incoming of ‘boy done good’ social media posts, so I thought I’d counteract the negativity a little bit with talk of lovely personalised and thoughtful gifting from Amazon Handmade, and the times in my own romantic history that I’ve actually ‘done good’ when it comes to Valentines gestures.

In terms of the content I post around February 14th I always try to do something a little different to celebrate Valentines, the last few years making content about self love, and the love I have for my fellow female bloggers. While both ideas are still a concepts I very much endorse and want to reiterate today, I also don’t think we need another person online berating those that do want to be fairly traditional and use this day as an added excuse to express how much someone means to them. Each to their own is always my motto, and if you want to shower your partner with kisses, gifts and a lot of public/social media adoration well then go wild. I mean if you don’t wanna see it, that’s what the mute button options are for!

If you’re in a particularly bitter or melancholy phase, where you hate anything connected to love then I feel ya. If it so bad that your brain seems wired to link anything to the fact that you’re single or heartbroken. e.g. Tomatoes are red. They’re red like hearts. I don’t have any tomatoes in the fridge….ahhhh NOBODY LOVES ME!!  I completely sympathise with you. I remember a point in my life when I used to weep on the underground whenever I was sat in full view of a couple displaying their clammy affection for each-other. You know the type that are whispering in each-other ears and giggling at each other jokes when you just know they’re not even funny. The can’t keep your hands off each-other phase. I often used to feel like Steve Martin’s character in Father of the Bride, you know when he sees Brain stroke his daughter Annie’s leg. Absolute distain for lovebirds in their honeymoon phases. I would be teetering on the edge of wailing ‘ I’m going to be alone forever’ to a carriage full of strangers. But instead I managed to sob quietly to myself, trying to hide my streaming face with my long mane of hair which would end up crispy from all the dried salty tears that the strands had soaked up. This phase could also be known as my Joni Mitchell phase, as I seemed I found dark pleasure in making it impossible to keep my emotions under wraps, choosing to listen to the orchestral version of Both Sides Now and A Case of You at every possible moment. I think I liked to pretend that I was being soundtracked as a tragic main character in a film as I stare out of a rain stained window.

You’ll be glad to know I’m well over the Diane Keaton ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ random extreme crying phase, but I wouldn’t say I’m in full love-fest mode either. My partner and I have been together about 8 years now so we are very much in the (too) comfortable, less gushy phase of our relationship. In fact the majority of our interactions are telling each other off or saying ‘was that you?” when an unpleasant aroma fills the room. I’m not saying we don’t love each other a hell of a lot, in fact he feels very much part of me…a bit like a toenail. There’s a chance it could fall away and sometimes it’s gets a bit off colour and stinky, but on the whole I’m glad it’s there. We drive each-other up the wall, both have personality traits that grate each other beyond belief, but boy do we make each-other laugh. We can be completely silly, weird and gross, and yet still think that we’d rather be with each other than anyone else, so that’s pretty good going for almost a decade in. I’m sure he wishes I was a bit cooler, sexier, cleaner, with less IBS related issues, but I think he knows the core of me is a good match for his.

Si isn’t overly romantic these days and he rarely lets me put a Rom Com on Netflix,  instead on date nights requesting we find a documentary which features some sort of hideous crime, but there’s the odd moment where he can pull it out of the bag and becomes a temporary leading man. Sometimes he’ll surprise me with a gift that proves he actually listens to me, and that revelation feels so momentous it almost feels Jane Austen worthy, sadly minus wet jodhpurs.

I’m currently in a point in my life where saving money is key, so needless extravagance isn’t on the agenda this year in particular and I genuinely don’t want Si to be extravagant when it comes to buying stuff for me either. After all if if we’re both broke that’s no good in terms of maintaining our weekly curry takeaway tradition.  I’m afraid you won’t see any carefully choreographed instagram post of me in a plush hotel room filled with roses, reclining as I nibble on decadent truffles. In fact I think I’m going to a work event on Valentines with some pals. But we have expressed that we will both welcome a cute personal gift to celebrate the occasion.

And when I think about all the gifts and gestures that I’ve given or received over my years of being someone that takes part in romantic relationships, the ones that stick out to be the most touching are those with that personal touch. The sort of gifts you want to keep years after the relationship is over and it is but a faint and painful memory. The type of gift you store in your memory box but don’t tell your current partner you still have. In my case a silver bracelet that was engraved on the inside with ‘Love you forever’. A cuddly bear that has my name embroidered on it. A mix tape (yes I am of the age where this stuff used to happen). An old fashioned romantic letter like the type you’d find in that book Carrie Bradshaw read in the SITC movie ‘Love Letters of Great Men, albeit with terrible grammar. And a full box set of a series I loved, but my then boyfriend hated.

One of my most well received gifts have been a memory scrapbook which I gave to my uni boyfriend who I was with for four and a half lovely years. It featured hundreds of fairly uninteresting mementos I’d kept during our relationships, all stuck to the pages with pritt stick. Business cards from the restaurant we went on our first date, a cinema stub from a film we both loved at the cinema, references to those insider jokes that you think are hilarious, but everyone else thinks is incredibly unfunny and dull. When I finished it I felt kinda annoyed I didn’t make a duplicate for myself – it was as good as the famous ‘This is Your Life’ red book. As a hoarder this scrap-book did give me reason I really didn’t need to keep hold of everything that came into contact with us during that time though. Maybe not one for those naturally prone to hoarding, or perhaps it’s good because you can palm off all the pointless artefacts on to your partner.

If you like this idea perhaps you could order this from Amazon Handmade…It says its for Hen do’s but you can customise it how you like.

Amazon Handmade Personalised Scrapbook, £10.99

Annoyingly I gave one of my best ever gifts to a partner who ended up being the someone I’d like to use that Men In Black memory blaster to forget. I spent absolutely hours on a pencil drawing featuring everything he loved or reminded me of him. Consistent with his general behaviour he was disappointingly unenthusiastic about it, and I think I ended up taking it home with me. One of my favourite gifts to Si (current boyf) was a montage video I created featuring about 40 of his friends and contacts sending him their best wishes. He was in a touring rock band at the times so it featured lots of his musical friends as well as some famous faces like Zane Lowe. It was a complete surprise for him and made him laugh and well up in equal measure. All the emails/messages it took to nag these flaky people to send their videos felt so worthwhile in that moment.

So as I said before we’ve both agreed not to go mad on Valentines this year, but decided a cute or thoughtful gift is fine. So I’ve been looking through Amazon Handmade to find something sweet that nods to something he likes or would appreciate. BTW while we’re talking Amazon, you guys already know that I’m an avid user of Amazon and regularly watch Amazon Prime for my romantic fix ( I recommend Before Sunrise if you wanna feel romantic, Submarine if you want to cringe at awkward teenage love, and Blue Valentine if you wanna feel a depressed about love but still want to ogle Ryan Gosling).

A potential gift that both Si and I would love to receive is the Amazon Handmade Valentines Luxury Love Heart Bath Bomb set £25 . I’ve converted him to the restorative powers of a steaming hot bath and we’ve both had a stressful few weeks, so perhaps this set will encourage us to have an indulgent bath…perhaps together. Ooh I say….It’s also made in High Wycombe which is wear grew up, so it feels extra nice to know your supporting local business.

As you guys know, Si has a vegan food stall so anything cooking/food related would tick the thoughtful and relevant boxes. I think he’d like to think of himself as a debonair and cool chef so this Amazon Handmade Personalised Wooden Chopping Board £19.99 would be a big hit. What man doesn’t want to think he could be Bond?

Si, if you’re reading this then this could be a great option (wink wink). My go-to scent has always been Chanel Mademoiselle so this Amazon Handmade Perfume Inspired Scented Soy Wax Candle would be perfect for me.
Again it’s vegan friendly being that it’s made of Soy, and it’s a smell Si adores as much as I do, so it’ll make my bedroom perhaps a bit sexier by hopefully overriding the usual human scents that envelop it. £8.99

You guys know that my one true love was actually David Bowie, particularly as Jarroth (those leggings, corr). It might seem weird to give your girlfriend a gift related to a man she fantasises about more than you, but let’s put that minor issue aside. I’d personally love any gift related to the music and artists I love. Music is such a personal thing so drenched in magical memories, and I think that if you partner recognises that you love a certain album or lyric, or perhaps remembers a song that is significant to your relationships then that shows real consideration.

Amazon Handmade David Bowie Clock, £24.95

We’re both on a massive Queen hype since Bohemian Rhapsody came out. I was lucky enough to be invited to the premiere and then dragged Si to see it just so I could see it again and have another good sin song and cry. I’ve loved Queen since I was a child when my dad would play their greatest hits tape in the car on our long drives to see our Grandparents, but I would say I’m now more obsessed than ever and always looking for new Queen related objects I can fill my room with. Amazon Handmade Queen Vinyl Wall Clock £14.99

As a blogger I get sent a lot of beauty samples so I will always welcome make up bags so I can attempt to  Marie Kondo my make up stash, separate the products, and keep it all a bit organised. I love the simple style of this one, with the added bonus of having your name scribed across it. It would be perfect to contain your overnight essential make up too if you partner thought he might want to whisk you away for a steamy (or should that be sleepy) night in a hotel.

Amazon Handmade Personalised Make Up Bag £6.95

I’m definitely in a nesting phase at the moment,  I just want to hermit and potter around the house. I’m utterly obsessed with home furnishings and anything related to interior design. I’ve bored Si senseless with chat regarding design themes I would have and the colour palettes I would go for, as well making him watch any Sarah Beanie shows. It would really tell me that he’s been paying attention if he bought an object that fitted into one of my rooms  imagined schemes. Something like a vase (that he could perhaps put a single rose in) would be an adorable option.

 Amazon Handmade Glass Posy Vase £25 .Each piece is mouth blown and signed Bath and the year it was made

Okay if we wanna get down and cheesy this Valentines we could go for this option. I can think of a couple I know who would absolutely love this one as they’re not afraid of show off their their magical cinematic love to the masses. Amazon Handmade Personalised Frame £18.99


If you’re having a mates date for Valentines you might want to treat yourself or the pal that’s hosting a gift that will allow them to put on a successful shindig. Alternatively if you have a boyfriend that has always wanted to become Tom cruise in Cocktail this could be a great shot for you. Shot…get it?? Amazon Handmade Cocktail Making set £85.51

If your anti -love, even anti all humans right now, with the only thing you feel devoted to of the furry canine nature, you might want to show the pooch in your life you care. Amazon Handmade Personalised Dog Cushion £10.99

If you don’t take life too seriously, and like me and Si got embarrassingly obsessed with strangers trying to get off with each-other on TV last summer, then these Amazon Handmade Personalised Love Island Bottles £10.99 might be a fun Valentines gifting option.

So there’s just a few things I’m considering from Amazon Handmade. Let me know in the comments. what you’re planning and buying or hoping to recieve, and PLEASE don’t worry what everyone else is saying and doing, use this day in whatever way suits you.

To find all these products click this link – https://amzn.to/2RWxQVF

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  1. Louise Simpson
    February 13, 2019 / 4:00 pm

    Is it socially acceptable to buy myself a gift haha, loving lots of these ideas especially the make up bag! WANT, NEED… BUYING.

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