I think Yope has secured the top spot of being the most talked about brand on my little blog space here. It’s worthy of it’s number one position though, not like some gimmicky novelty number one.
It’s got the looks, the smell, but also a hell of a lot of substance. I’ve covered their shower body washes and hand creams before, but this is the first time I can tell you about their wonderful new range of shampoos and conditioners.

A few weeks ago I was lucky to be one of a select group of bloggers invited for brunch at Kalifornia Kitchen to celebrate their first UK event and revel in their brand ethos – philosophy meets fun. While munching on some yummy vegan food of course.

I was really chuffed to finally have a reason to visit Kalifornia Kitchen too if I’m honest. I can only really justify the train ticket into London for work right now, so I’m glad I could get away with trying something on my vegan wish-list and slot it under the header of work-based activity. It’s been on my radar since my friend Louise (who runs the Surrey Vegan markets) told me it was coming to Percy Street in London, but I’ve had to wait patiently as I watched news spread and more of my blogger friends post pictures posing on their seats and eating a dairy and egg free cake from this lovely new haven in ‘central’. They’ve been extremely savvy with the decor, making it as blogger friendly a place you could ever imagine, with it’s hot pink spiral staircase, jewel toned velvet furniture and of course the current blogger homeware must-have – a neon sign. Pretty flat lay opportunities – tick. Backdrop for outfit posts – tick. Vegan food to make the blogger look ‘woke’ – tick. It’s got it all. While we’re talking about this lovely new haunt for catch ups over yummy food, I just wanted to shout out to the staff who were all so very helpful and lovely on the day. I don’t think we say enough when people do a good job, so I just wanted to mention it here while I have the opportunity to do so.

Back to the focus of this post now, and that’s these natural shampoos and conditioners that have the ability to make ‘brushing and styling easier than before’. They’ve created 3 new lines for three types of hair: Dry, oily and normal.

Because I use less heat since cutting my hair short, I rarely dye, and haven’t been in the sun for a while, my hair probably falls under normal, right now at least. So for the last few weeks I’ve been using the Oat Milk range. I love big hair, and have always cherished the fact that my hair is fairly thick overall, (I actually have thin strands but a lot of them) so it’s great news that Oat Milk contains proteins that improve overall hair thickness and elasticity. This might be even better news if you’re someone that has struggled with lank hair, or hair that is on the thinner side.

If I have had a week that’s involved some nights outs where I actually have to style my hair and use tongs, rather than let it dry naturally and let it go a bit bananas, kink-wise, my hair can start looking a bit dry and frazzled. Thankfully the amino acids within this product work hard to penetrate hair deeply and moisturise from the inside out.

If you are trying desperately to grow your hair you’ll be interested to know that organic complex of active ingredients in this product ( lime, avocado, fenugreek, fig and melon) naturally soothes and looks after the outer layer of the hair. This in turn reinforces and softens, helping to maintain healthy hair growth.

My experience of using the product has been positive. On a superficial level I just love how it looks in my bathroom. The sweet black pen animal illustrations always make me smile, and the pastel bright colour pops look great set against my largely white bathroom suite. The bottle size and colour also reminds of the high end soap brands that a lot of us aspire to have in our bathrooms (you probably know who I’m referring too). The shampoo is a pump and I really like that design detail. Depending on the thickness and length of your hair you can get the desired amount without wasting too much or using more product than is necessary.

The smell is wonderfully calming, not too potent, but comfortingly familiar, and dare I say it, yummy. What I’ve found with all vegan shampoo’s is that they don’t lather in the same way as non vegan products, and it’s no different here. You won’t get the froth that you are perhaps used to, so you may need to ensure your hair is wet rather than just damp (if you are a bath hair washer like me). It takes a bit longer to work through my hair and all over my scalp as a result, but it’s no problem – in fact any excuse to stay in a bath is a good thing for me. I imagine in the shower it’s no issue whatsoever and covers the areas a lot speedier.

I tend to rinse my hair a couple of times over using my hands to push out any remnants of the products as I go. I just find that products that don’t froth as much sometimes linger in the hair a bit more. And whats more annoying than drying your hair and realising your slick rick because you haven’t washed out the product well enough!

The conditioner comes in a tube with a lid and is a creamy white consistency, unlike the shampoo which comes in a clear gel like form. It’s equally delicious smelling and really does help to encourage your hair to feel incredibly soft. It’s definitely made it much easier to style too, I very rarely find a knot these days.

If your hair has suffered a lot and looks a bit ravaged as a result,  this next duo might be for you. Perhaps you’ve bleached it into oblivion. Maybe you’ve been on a ‘gap yaaaar’ and it’s been sizzling in the midday sun for a solid 6 months. Perhaps you allow it to become accidental dreadlocks during festival season. Oriental Garden (that name alone is divine isn’t it?) has carefully chosen ingredients to help with brushing, elasticity, and overall hair reconstruction, making it more nourished, conditioned and smooth.

We’re all informed enough to know about protecting our skin from the elements, but I still think we are all a bit lax about caring for our hair when we’re out and about. Plant Keratin can protect it from these external aggressors, and stops free radicals from causing premature hair ageing and we should all be ensuring we use products that contain these or similar. Imagine working hard building up our retinol and looking ten years younger than we are, then our wirey, broken and cracking barnet ruining the overall picture for us.

Collected in India, Cassia seeds contain an innovative polymer that dramatically helps with brushing both dry and wet hair. When you brush hair in it’s fragile wet state it can break and tear very easily, but this magic ingredient can prevent this added damage. By now we all know the wondrous power of organ oil in terms of looking after the ends of our hair and preventing split ends. Combined with equal beauty hero shea butter, it intensely nourishes and protects against harmful influences of environmental damagers.

I’ve been trying to work out what this delicious duo smells like and 5 seconds ago I cracked it. To me it’s very nostalgic of Turkish Delight my Grandpa used to enjoy over the festive period. I think that’s down to the rose extract which is combined with sandalwood and vanilla.

Finally we have Fresh Grass, which is designed specifically for those who live on the oily side of life. Talk about stating the obvious, but it really does smell like fresh grass, and who doesn’t have nostalgia about that smell and have that warming association of school break and summer holidays. This combo of products has a unique complex of ingredients that regulate sebum secretion while combating free radicals which allows the scalp to breath and ren-egergise hair.

The pantheon prevents split ends, reinforces, and makes hair shinier. Liquorice extract moisturises, algae extract deeply nourishes, lemon grass and lime refreshes. The ingredient Samonins, which are taken from Aloe Vera, creates a natural and delicate foam which also serves to soothe the scale and remove that feeling of excess oil. One of the major elements of this third of the new range is that the shampoo contains sea salt that will gently exfoliate the scalp which will help to remove the flakes that make you self conscious, while removing excess sebum again.

As well as seeing their extensive range in it’s full glory all displayed beautifully set against the colourful pastel backdrop of Kalifornia Kitchen, and alongside sniffing the different formulas and feeling the texture son our skin, we had the ability to ask pivotal members of the Yope team any questions we had about their products, but also their practices.

It was really inspiring to hear about some of the great things they have started at their flagship Warsaw Store. They are encouraging people to bring back their old bottles to refill (recycle). They’re also starting to offer the option of glass bottles to reduce their plastic usage. In many of their products, I think specifically their fantastic cleaning range, they’re using very thin plastic too. Since Method have been taken over by a company that isn’t cruelty-free I can’t wait to try these and feature them in my Declutter Diaries series!

So that’s my latest gush about Yope. I’m pretty sure as soon as I get my hands on one of their Bamboo Natural Bathroom Cleaner Sprays I’m sure I’m going to feel compelled to scribe another Yope love fest. Till then, enjoying soothing your scalp, while soothing your soul.

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