Because I want to

Woah. I’m back to and posting impulse. For no reason whatsoever. No brief. No key messages. Just content….. because I bloody felt like creating today.

I’ve been talking about the funk I’ve been feeling over on my mina Instagram account. It’s not been getting me down, or making me feel stressed, but I’ve just felt very aware that my compulsion to post hasn’t been there and I’ve been at a loss as to what I want to post. Some of it is do the fact I’m thoroughly enjoying posting on my new home account. It’s felt liberating to use instagram how it was intended – with no strategy or planning – with the bonus that I don’t feel like I need to be posting pictures of me all the time. So admittedly that’s occupying a lot of my social media time simply because it’s a complete pleasure and never a chore. It genuinely doesn’t feel like work at all, and I’m actively choosing to post whenever I fancy it. But I also think I’m at a bit of a tricky blogging age. Most my age are mummy or family bloggers, or very established in a certain field of expertise (whether it be interior design, owning a beauty brand, author etc), but i’m someone who’s carried going to events, covering and creating content about things a lot younger blogger friends do during the years other’s my age have been able to transition into more home/lifestyle/adult content. So I’m playing catch up and trying to find ways that I can post more adult content without completely alienating the people who used to follow me for festivals, alt make up looks, or fashion hauls. But to be honest a lot of me just wants to leap straight in to posting about hoovers, garden centres and bed linen.

Of course one of the things I will want to always carry on is talking about cruelty-free products. Nice segway hey. At the launch of the new Covent Garden Boots they kindly gifted us £100 to spend on products in store. I had rather annoyingly been given a list of rather mundane things I had to buy with it (Si wanted toothpaste, allergy tablets, mens moisturiser etc) but there was still enough leftover to treat myself to some fun bits to experiment with too.

One of these ‘fun’ items was a NYX Vivid Brights Coloured Liquid Liner in Vivid Delight, which is a lovely orange colour, more burnt than neon. On the box they show you that you can use it to achieve a classic look with a flick, or something a bit more Avant Garde aka complicated. The classic look was the only option in the realms of my make up skillset so I obviously went for that. Sometimes simple is best too isn’t it – I’ve always liked that minimal graphic look.

The old school super precision brush is so easy to use and even I managed to achieve a pretty neat and even flick on BOTH eyes. I’ve been using pen style liners for so long I’d forgotten how good they are for accuracy.

My face isn’t one that can take a lot of make up. In part I think it’s because it’s long and thin and it isn’t long into a facial do-over that it starts to look somewhat overcrowded. I think it’s also particularly because as you get older, the texture of your skin changes and how it hangs, let’s say ‘evolves’, you benefit from a lighter touch when it comes to products. Too many layers adds weight and texture to areas you don’t necessarily want to draw attention to.

I also think the gap between my eye and brow is too small to do those complex shaded looks using multiple eyeshadows. I saw Helen Anderson doing a beautiful blended warm look on her Instagram yesterday. It was an awesome fiery summer look that I’d love to copy, but I knew with my small eye canvas it just wouldn’t work sadly. For me using colourful liners is the way I have to inject colour into my make up in a contemporary way.

So products like this NYX one are perfect, not to mention perfect for time poor people who can’t be faffing with lengthy make up looks.

I took these pictures without intention. I hadn’t planned to write this post. I didn’t need to set up my tripod to create looks to submit to a brand for an AD. I just realised that I hadn’t experiment with my camera for ages. I’ve had so much work to do on the house, with any work time dedicated to some very prescriptive ADs which haven’t really allowed for much freedom or creativity in terms of the photography, that I’ve completely forgotten that joy of creating content.

I can’t be the only one who find themselves in this situation occasionally, after all it feels like we constantly have a million and one things to do, and sometimes ‘making art’ doesn’t feel high on the priority list, however rightly or wrongly. But if you’re in a funk ask yourself if you’ve found time to just take pictures, or write, make music, (whatever creative thing it is you’re not vibing right now) just for the fun of it. Doing something without pressure, without agenda, just because you felt like it, could be the tonic you need to get you back on creative track. So think less. Do more. But more importantly do for you.

Also wearing @collectionlove Primed and Ready
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