I’m under no illusions that this post is going to help the NHS in anyway (although please think about donating if you can/wish to the likes of  NHS Charities Together) but I do find myself wanting to regularly nod in some way to the wonderful and essential working they’re doing.

It’s an odd time as a content creator in regards to striking a sensitive balance. You don’t want to appear crass and trivial, but you do want to inject humour and light where you can.

It’s important our content doesn’t appear oblivious to all that’s going on, but that we also understand that many are in real need of escapism and distraction right now. We all cope in different ways and some will find comfort in being able to get lost in content that isn’t too heavy.

I’m not a beauty influencer by any stretch of the imagination, but it is something I’m able to do with what I have in the flat at the moment. I’ve seen some stunning rainbow inspired looks online,  no doubt inspired by the rainbow emblem people having been painting, drawing, putting on t-shirts in support of our wonderful NHS, and I thought why not try and create an easy peasy one with cruelty-free products.

The process of creating can be very soothing for those struggling with stress and anxiety so it’s no wonder that right now so many people are creating make up looks, making posters and getting crafty. But I hope when a key worker or NHS member of staff see’s them it genuinely does give them a boost and serve as a reminder that we support and love them.

First up I prepped my skin with some new products I have from a company called Comfort Zone which I won’t delve in to much here as they will get their own blog post soon. They helped me to have a moisturised and fresh looking base that would be doing some good to improve the appearance of my skin with regular use. 

Then I used the Gosh Skin Adapter as a primer. It’s gives very different effect to the primer I’ve used for years (Collection’s one which has added witch hazel). My old fave feels silky when you apply it on the skin, and really fills in my pores and acne pits. This one is okay at slightly reducing the obvious bits of texture but it’s main selling point is how it evens out the skin tone. It looks like a fairly thin white solution but once worked into the skin (with a brush or fingers) blends perfectly into you skin and reduces the appearance of sun damage, discolouration and malasma. It means the foundation has to work less hard and perhaps will mean more people can use a tinted moisturiser or less heavy foundation. 

Next up is the Gosh Dextreme Foundation (004) which I’ve been using ever since it was gifted at their press event. It gives great coverage and doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin. I work it into the skin with my Body Shop blending brush. 

Next up I used Collection’s Conceal and Light like a Pro Palette to create a light and even base on my eyelids so it could be the perfect canvas for the colourful eyeshadow that’s coming. It tends to help the powdery eyeshadow cling to the skin too. 

For the colourful eye I started with the Sleek Make Up Divines Ultra Mattes eyeshadows. I found an old very thin brush that would allow me to apply with some accuracy. I started by putting a stripe of yellow across the lash line in the middle of the lid. 

The next colour in the rainbow was the orange , then leading in to hot pink which takes you to the corner of the eye. 

On the other side of the yellow section I used the green shadow. For the blue part of the rainbow I used a lovely Gosh Woody eyeliner pencil. 

I used the W cosmetics Violet Mist palette for the purple part of this rainbow look and used the thin detail brush to create a flick. 

For that pretty flushed look I used Glossier’s Cloud Paint in Puff on the apples of my cheeks. I use my finger and just dab it on till it gets to a point that looks natural but noticeable. It add’s a slight sheen to the skin which gives you that youthful glow look. 

I didn’t want the brows to be a big feature of this look as I wanted to the colourful eyes to be the main event, so I used Glossier Boy Brow to tame them a bit and give them that brushed through natural look. 

I used my new favourite (Essential) mascara from Comfort Zone after using my curlers . It’s a great lengthening mascara and also delivers a really black black.

I used the B by Superdrug baking powder just to get rid of shine in the areas I don’t want to glisten – forehead, chin, corner of nostrils.

To add shine where I do want it I turned to Sleek’s Highlighting Elixr and put it on that usual highlighter spot on the cheek bone. I’m still obsessed with this product, it creates the illusion of model cheekbones out of doughy nothing. 

To finish the look a pretty pink lip courtesy of The Body Shops Matt lip liquid in orchid. 


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  1. Maryam
    April 25, 2020 / 8:16 pm

    Hey sofie, lovely pics, how are you doing? 💖💖

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