We aren’t picking up unnecessary new beauty bits from those last minute grab aisles they position right by the ‘pay here’ desks in shops. We’re not trying to grab bargain beauty steals from duty-free to try because we aren’t travelling anywhere. We can’t use our lunch breaks to head to department store beauty meccas because we’re not at work anymore. And many of us are resisting the urge to spend because we’re wobbly about our financial future and now have to see skincare and make up as ‘luxury’ rather than necessary.

The silver lining of this is that all us bloggers can try and work through all the samples we’ve been sent over the years that we never got round to using that  clutter up our drawer and cupboards, and in doing so enhance our knowledge to allow us to be review any new products that come our way with more useful comparisons and experience to draw from. I’ve been trying so many different brands during lockdown, discovering some missed gems along the way, and learning a lot more about what I want from the skincare I use.

A few weeks ago Comfort Zone reached out to see if I’d like to try some of their products, and after a quick to and fro to check that they were cruelty-free/vegan friendly I scanned through the site and picked a few items out for review. It was hard to pick as their range of products is incredible and there were many more I’d love to try – their various masks and skin peel pads look particularly interesting – so hopefully I can review some more of the brand in the future. But I urge you to check the ranges out as I would be very surprised if there wasn’t a product that was suited to your personal skin concern – and the site allows you to search via ‘solution’ which is really helpful in zoning in on what you need.

I’d recommend dedicating some time to getting to know the brand as their soulful ethos is extremely appealing and you’re left feeling like this is a brand you really want to get on board with. Plus..goodness knows we have time to kill now!

‘Our mission is to cultivate beauty within and around us and to promote a conscious lifestyle. We improve skin, body and mind through sustainable, science-based solutions and unique experiences, while caring for the people and the planet.’

Their Ethical chart and sustainability Report are detailed on the site so you can learn much more about what’s important to this brand aside from effective skin products.

I know some of you just want me to get to telling you what I honestly think of the products so here goes…


Hydra-memory Serum – 24 hour hydration boosting serum

Firstly for those that don’t want to needlessly read about products they can’t use for ethical reasons I’ll start with telling you that this product is free from Silicones, Parabens, Mineral Oils, Artificial Colours and Animal Derivatives. So it’s a good start.

On their site it displays results from independent laboratory tests which showed that it gave a 56.3% increase in skin hydration after 1 hour and -22.3% Topical decrease in transepidermal water loss (this is the loss of water that passes from inside the body through the epidermis to the surrounding atmosphere via diffusion and evaporation processes) after 1 hour. Now I did notice that this test wasn’t carried out on a particularly large amount of people so you should take it with an appropriate pinch of salt. However, the hydration results do back up my findings after using the product – in that I found my skin feeling noticeably and considerably more hydrated. 

Like many/most serums on the market it contains hyaluronic acid which is a wonder ingredient known to be the the key to glowing and plumped up skin. It’s  a type of molecule naturally found in your skin that pulls water from the air and sucks it into your face in sponge like fashion. This is what helps keep your skin moist throughout the day, because it retains water. 

I’ve been using this product  morning and night for the past few weeks and I can’t imagine ever not wanting to use it. Slightly inconvenient when you find a product you don’t think you can live without isn’t it! I have to admit I’m not great at sticking to complex skin regimes, but can just about cope with remembering and bothering to use a serum before applying my daily make-up and before passing out at night. A few weeks in and I actually look forward to my twice daily ‘serum time’. I get so very tired that anything that delays me being able to go to sleep has often felt like a chore but with this my perception has changed and I really see why people often including skincare in their self-care lists. 

I look forward to pumping it in to my hand and immediately smelling it’s lovely fresh and natural scent. The brand describe the texture as ultra light ‘sorbet’ but for me it’s silkier than that. It applies beautifully to the skin and immediately gives you that refreshing sensation you yearn from when using a serum. I also think your skin instantly looks brighter and woken up, which with lockdown fatigue and lack of vitamin D glow this is an even more desirable side-effect. 

The serum also contains apple, I’m not sure if that is purely to help create that comforting scent or because Apples are equipped with tons of beneficial vitamins and antioxidants. Apples themselves are high in water content, which as I’ve already explained is obviously very helpful in creating hydrated skin, which can help to improve the overall appearance and texture. Vitamin E is known for being helpful in preventing the signs of being too so the fact it can be found in Applies is another positive about it’s inclusion in this serum. 

I had read before that eating Lentils isn’t necessarily always good for your skin but topically it may be a very different as they also contain antioxidants that can prevent the skin from free-radical effects. I imagine we won’t be exposed to as many of those in this Lockdown phase, but we will be released back in to the polluted outside world at some point so that’s a helpful feature.

Si is very opinionated when it comes to the aroma of the things I use. He hates a conditioner I use because I smell like garden lawn, and he hated one of my old moisturisers because I ‘stank of play dough’. But this……THIS is another story entirely. HE’S OBSESSED! I think it’s the only time of day I can get him to be close and affectionate. I’d like to think it’s my natural allure and magnetism but nope…he just wants to sniff my serum. I hope he won’t mind me sharing that on a couple of occasions he’s even insisted on my slathering some on his face. It’s not a bad call really because I’m pretty sure he’s becoming a part human/part rhino hybrid but I don’t want him to use up my magic, happy-making serum. Must direct him to the men’s section of the site and not give in next time.

Sublime Skin Corrector. 

If I ever have kids I will stand on my soap box and bore them to death about SPF. I will put a gleaming tin hat on irresponsible sunbathing. In my youth I fried myself every summer, mainly because I thought it was going to be the cure to my acne. Spoiler alert is wasn’t and didn’t….Life spoiler alert – It ruined my skin and left it discoloured, uneven and prematurely wrinkly. The last couple of years I’ve made a conscious effort to try and make improvements, researching which serums, retinol and vitamins might help to improve this particular issue.

I’ve been applying this concentrated serum for localised treatment of age spots before the Hydramemory serum, day and night. I haven’t been applying it everywhere like I have the 24 hr serum , instead rubbing it on particularly pigmented areas – the hairline, sides of cheeks etc. It’s too early to talk results, but it feels and smells great and my skin definitely feels nice to the touch after using it for two weeks. I will report back on it’s effectiveness in due course. 


It’s frankly embarrassing how excited I get about potentially discovering a new favourite mascara. The fact that I might be able to enhance the one feature I was blessed with…not my eyes – they’re small, asymmetric and very unremarkable – but my lashes, is the height of excitement and suspense for a bored blogger confined to a small flat. I’m not just being a standard self-deprecating Brit, promise. I have adult acne, huge pores, eyelids that my partner described as having the texture of ball-sacks, thin lips, sun damage, incoming turkey neck….but my lashes, they’re decent. They’re long (both top and bottom) and fairly dark considering I’m blonde. The saying goes ‘ make the best of what you got’ so that’s always my goal when trialling mascaras. These days they also have to tick the cruelty-free box which thankfully this Essential Mascara by Comfort Zone does. 

The formula is enriched with emollient vegetal oils which ‘guarantees high definition lashes’ and one of the first things I noticed is how dark the results were. I’m often told I should be going for a brown mascara because it’s a softer and more natural look for blondes, but I personally love having dark and bold lashes (without the artificial look of extensions). This mascara manages to add thickness and length without adding uncomfortable weight or stiffness you can get with many less intelligent thickening mascaras. 

I really love the applicator too. Rather than a spoolie brush that just offers one way to apply the mascara this has a fine comb section to allow you to refine and define the lashes -brushing out any unwanted clumping or excess. It helps you to create a more natural look if that’s what you’re after but with more coats you can still create that intentionally spidery/chunky look if that’s your go-to aesthetic. It’s also really good for the lower lashes which can be messy with a larger fluffier brush. 

This mascara has swiftly shot to my top 5, and right now is my number one choice. It’s a pleasure to use and makes my lashes look full, thick, long and dark. I want to insert a joke here but I won’t….

One thing I should point out about it is that if you are someone who rubs their eyes a lot you’ll find it crumbles off. For me this doesn’t detract from it’s credentials. I always rub my eyes when chilling on the sofa in the evening and instead of a stubborn mascara that yanks off numerous lashes with it when I rub, it removes itself without causing a fuss. It also doesn’t leave huge black underlies like the mascaras that smudge rather crumble too. But depending on your habits the crumbly aspect of this mascara will either be a plus/minus. In winter I might have to revert back to one of my stubborn waterproof ones as I suffer from a serious case of col face dribble eyes but this one will be my summer romance for sure. 

I know we like to diss Instagram but it has introduced me to some really great brands over the years, Italian brand Comfort Zone now included. I love the products, I adore their ethos and ‘soulful’ approach to business, and aesthetically their clean and unfussy design is right up my street. While some of the products are more than I’d usually allow myself to spend I feel they are a very fair price, and at £21 the mascara is an absolute steal and more affordable than the others in my top 5 chart. All round a big thumbs up from me.

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